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With our All Races credo, we’ve redefined what a perfect match should be with new Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 technology, using translucent pigments TO create a formula that enables a fully personalized finish influenced by the subtleties of your own skin tone. Adding to MatchmasteR’s true-to-life appeal is its moisturizing demi-matte finish, medium buildable coverage, and line-reducing soft-focus
powders. Add the fact that this formula reducesexcess shine-creating oil, and who could resist?

More than two years in the making, M·A·C Cosmetics introduces Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15, a breakthrough innovation in foundation pigment technology. Matchmaster offers medium buildable coverage that reveals rather than conceals skin’s natural undertones with a seemingly undetectable demi matte finish.

“One of the inherent characteristics of foundation is that as coverage increases, the skin’s clarity is lost and we really wanted to change that with Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15,” says Vice President of M·A·C Global Product Development, Nick Gavrelis. “With Matchmaster we have been able to cover skin with lifelike colour, purity and vibrancy,” he adds.

Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 features innovative patented pigment technology, which encapsulates micronized pigment particles in translucent spheres. The technology gives true-to-life shade perfection and unprecedented coverage while allowing the skin’s natural shade to show through. The result is a customized shade with a demi matte finish, giving skin the natural colour without looking ashy or chalky. Featuring 14 shades, Matchmaster contains the lightest and darkest shades of all M·A·C’s foundations, giving artists and consumers more versatility than ever before. As with many of M·A·C’s products, Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 was trialed by makeup artists backstage during International fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris, including M·A·C Senior Artist, Luc Bouchard.

“Matchmaster is a dream foundation that provides amazing coverage but with a unique transparency Matchmaster perfects the complexion but the finish is so refined that skin still appears to be bare, but better! During this past fashion week I only had a few shades to test out, but was able to use it on a such a wide variety of skintones- the product is very versatile,” Bouchard says.

Matchmaster also provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with SPF 15 and is longwearing for up to eight hours. Formulated with Laminaria Saccharina Extract, Matchmaster helps to calm skin’s sebaceous glands resulting in less oil production. Soft focus powders and spherical polymers help to minimize the appearance of pores, lines and wrinkles.

MAC Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 $32.50

  • 1.0 Medium/Demi Matte
  • 1.5 Medium/Demi Matte
  • 2.0 Medium/Demi Matte
  • 3.0 Medium/Demi Matte
  • 4.0 Medium/Demi Matte
  • 5.0 Medium/Demi Matte
  • 6.0 Medium/Demi Matte
  • 7.0 Medium/Demi Matte
  • 7.5 Medium/Demi Matte
  • 8.0 Medium/Demi Matte
  • 8.5 Medium/Demi Matte
  • 9.0 Medium/Demi Matte
  • 9.5 Medium/Demi Matte
  • 10.0 Medium/Demi Matte

MAC Brushes

  • 193 Angled Foundation Brush $32
  • 190 Foundation Brush $32

Available in the US and Internationally September 22, 2011.

Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15
Q&A with Jennifer Balbier and Nick Gavrelis

1. How did the idea of creating Matchmaster come about? Was it artist feedback or consumer feedback?
Over the years, our artists have consistently asked for a foundation that provides coverage, yet still looks “lifelike.” In the world of foundations, skin’s natural clarity is generally lost as coverage increases. In other words, the more foundation you use, the less real you look. With this challenge in mind, more than 17 scientists went to work and the result is nothing short of innovative. More than two years in the making, Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 speaks to All Ages, All Races, All Sexes and is so perfectly M·A·C.

2. The Matchmaster shade names are different than M·A·C’s other foundations, why is this?
We wanted to differentiate Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15’s shade line-up from all of our other shade offerings with a system that would really signify increase by depth rather than undertone. We also believed it needed to be simple and straightforward, as well as easy to translate across all of the countries that we do business in. M·A·C Artists and customers alike will have no problem mastering Matchmaster’s shade nomenclature of 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, etc… It is so easy to remember!

3. Explain the Patented Pigment Technology. What makes it so revolutionary?
Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15’s patented pigment technology is innovation at its finest because for the first time, makeup artists and real women can have medium buildable coverage while still allowing skin’s natural undertones to show through. The technology in Matchmaster enables the foundation to reveal rather than conceal skin’s undertones while providing coverage with lifelike colour, purity and vibrancy.

How the patented pigment technology works:
In traditional high coverage foundations, Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide pigments create skin tone using a mix of red, yellow, white and black pigments. When light hits the surface of these pigments they reflect and produce opacity and shade tonality based on the specific ratio of pigments used to create each shade. Often times the result is masky, dull and/or ashy depending on the wearer’s skin undertone and depth level.

Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 utilizes patented pigment technology of clear acrylate spheres that encapsulate micro-fine Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide pigments. When light hits the surface of these spheres, it enters and refracts pulling the natural skin undertone into the mix of micro fine pigments so that the eye sees a more natural, true-to-life look. In Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15, we combine a proprietary blend of our patented pigment technology along with traditional pigments to give the most vibrant, natural shade, while still providing medium buildable coverage to perfect the look of skin and minimize flaws and skin imperfections.

4. How were you able to create M·A·C’s lightest and darkest ever foundation colours? And why now?
Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15’s patented pigment technology is so effective that we were able to achieve our most versatile range of shades in M·A·C’s history. With this foundation, we can finally satisfy the requests of the many artists and customers around the world who felt they couldn’t ever find foundation shades light enough or deep enough.

5. What makes Matchmaster different from the other foundations in the market that claim to be perfect matches?
As we mentioned, Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 is the first foundation to combine shade-adapting technology with medium buildable coverage. In the competitive mass and prestige cosmetics markets, we have found that the shade-adapting foundations that do exist provide very little coverage.

6. How often do you think consumers should change their foundation? Should this change be based on a change in skin colour or does foundation expire?
Once opened, the average life span of a foundation is approximately 2 years but you should pay attention to any changes in colour, texture or smell as these could indicate that it is time for a new foundation. Also, women often switch their foundation formula and shade depending on the changes in climate and sun exposure that come with different seasons. Thanks to Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15’s formula, many women may find that they only need to switch shade if their skin depth level changes noticeably with exposure to sun.

7. Since Matchmaster contains Laminaria Saccharina Extract which minimize oil, what moisturizer would you recommend to use in conjunction with this foundation for those with dry skin?
The Laminaria Saccharina Extract in the formula is a gentle botanical extract that helps to calm oil in overactive skins. This extract will not dry out a normal to dry skin but for comfort, a dry or dehydrated skin type should always be properly moisturized. A moisturizer with emollient properties is a good choice.

8. How longwearing is Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15?
Thanks to a special combination of film formers and our new patented pigment technology, Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 gives thin, flexible 8 hour wear with a vibrant, colour-true look.

9. What is the best way to apply Matchmaster – fingers or brushes?
Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 can be applied with a brush, a sponge or fingertips. We love to use our new 193 Slanted Foundation Brush to easily tackle those deep recesses and contours of the face and to perfectly blend without a lot of effort.

10. Was Matchmaster trialed backstage during fashion weeks? What were the artists’ reactions?
Yes, Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 was trialed in February and March 2011 during New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks. We were thrilled to hear and see the results – easy to achieve, flawless looking skin. Matchmaster Foundation in shade 1.0 was a lifesaver due to the large quantity of Eastern European and Russian models. Our artists were amazed at the natural and very fair looks they were able to achieve!

  • 8/15/11 18:47 GK:

    I can’t wait! Until now, even the lightest shades, NW15 & NC15 were to dark for me. It will be great to have something that actully matches.


  • 8/15/11 21:12 Josh :D:

    Lighter than before? I’ll possibly be trying this — NC15 is too dark for me, so, if this is truly lighter, it might just work! 😀


  • 8/15/11 21:16 Mary the Muse Militant:

    This sounds great.
    Hope it lives up to the claims.


  • 8/15/11 22:30 cathee:

    the lighter shades look very yellow toned :/ idk if this is supposed to change with the color-matching business, but it most definitely wouldn’t work for me with those yellow shadessss :/


  • 8/16/11 12:56 Cj:

    How exciting! A new Mac foundation!! Definitely will be getting this! NC15 is pretty spot on for me, so I hope either 1.0 or 1.5 will work for me :)


  • 8/17/11 16:44 CK:

    AHH! so exciteddddd
    I hope the coverage is as good as they claim!


  • 9/2/11 17:54 Kelly:

    I bought mine yesterday so I think the UK release is earlier:-)


  • 9/6/11 22:19 Mary the Muse Militant:

    Mac had this last week and I had a look.
    The colours are not so good as they have very few light colours.
    That aside, the foundation itself wasn’t bad at all.
    It is similar to Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua but not quite as good as it not as invisible on the skin more than the Chanel one.
    But I would say it is a lot better than other Mac foundations as it is almost invisible.
    There are no cool shades. They seem to be all yellowy or beigey.
    The lights in the shops don’t give a true picture so maybe they aren’t so yellowy in natural light.
    The range of shades isn’t enough at all but it’s a very good foundation overall. Not cakey or textured.
    I’d still buy the Chanel one or Face Atelier over this but it’s very close behind.


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