MAC Me Over! Shadesticks Review, Swatches, Photos

For a very long time I wasn’t a big believer in MAC Shadesticks. I used a single shade one day and instantly I was converted!

So I’m happy to report that the MAC Me Over! Collection will feature four shades of Shadesticks (some brought back from the past) which don’t get nearly enough love lately after the release of Paint Pots.

Check ’em!

Shadesticks are a great little multitasking makeup tool to add to your kit. These can be used for quickie looks in the morning as you can swivel them up, apply directly on your eye, blend out, and go! The cream formula makes an excellent base for powders and loose pigments as well!

Two shades releasing with MAC Me Over! you may already own from the Sugar Sweet Collection are Butternutty and Cakeshop. Butternutty is frosty buttercream beige and Cakeshop is a light olive green.

The other two shades are Heirloom which is an icy shade of plummy pink and Street Cool which is a plummy brown taupe.

Fans of MAC Shadesticks won’t have to second guess picking these colors up.

Loves ’em!

Will you be hauling any when MAC Me Over! releases later this month?


This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 8/8/11 21:09 vonnie:

    i’ve never owned shadesticks but these make me really want them, particularly the last 3 in the last photo


  • 8/8/11 21:52 Kate:

    What do these usually cost?


    • 8/9/11 12:34 the Muse:

      $17.50 kate


  • 8/8/11 22:59 Liz!:

    I’ve been loving the promo stuff I’ve seen for this collection, I totally be hauling some!


  • 8/8/11 23:03 Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex:

    I usually stay away from pencil eyeshadow. I haven’t tried MAC’s, but I have tried Tarte’s and NYX’s and was underwhelmed. A little powder shadow or cream shadow is quicker and easier for me.


  • 8/9/11 1:04 LMat:

    I wasn’t planning on buying anything from the collection but these swatches are tempting me! Street Cool looks rather pretty.


  • 8/9/11 2:25 LINDARRAGNAR:

    really lovely colors! But I really don’t need them!! 😉

    hey muse I have a quick question I have a birthday soon I have no clue what I really want!! LOL can you give me some ideas??? :)


    • 8/9/11 11:12 the Muse:

      ha linda my entire site is one big IDEA of things to get ;-D


      • 8/9/11 17:39 LINDARRAGNAR:

        You’re right I just have so many things I am lemming for!! D: ahh the decisions LOL


  • 8/9/11 3:19 Nia:

    Love shadesticks and the new colours look nice, but I have so many Shadesticks and bases, I think I am good.
    For once.






  • 8/9/11 7:29 Courtney:

    How long is the wear time on these without a setting shadow or powder? Also, do they crease? They look gorgeous


    • 8/9/11 10:59 the Muse:

      hey court I never had issues with creasing with shadesticks, they wear strong for hours on end. They have a formula that grips onto lids really well…I can get through an entire day without issues! I find they work amazing with pigment on top as they prevent fall out ;-D!


      • 8/9/11 12:20 Courtney:

        Thanks! I’ll have to check it out. They look great!


        • 8/9/11 12:29 the Muse:

          my pleasure ;-D! I’ll send two along with your package!


  • 8/9/11 7:38 Musebeliever:

    Love them. They are really pretty. But I’m saving money for the UD palette. ^^


  • 8/9/11 9:21 LouAnne:

    No MAC counters near me, but I will be going close to one in a month or so and I will be picking up these…. LUV MAC!


  • 8/9/11 9:37 tee:

    Do they crease on you? I tend to steer away from cream shadows as most crease or migrate on my oily lids…


    • 8/9/11 10:56 the Muse:

      I’ve never had a creasing prob with shadesticks tee…they seem to stick right where I put them. I’ve actually reviewed them a few times here ;-D check through the archives…! As those reviews are feature richer compared to this one ;-D


  • 8/9/11 9:48 Erika:

    I love shadesticks! Hands down the best “creamy” shadow in stick form on the market. I also think they rival paint pots as a base for loose shadows. I am so glad I skipped the semi-precious collection, more room in my stash for these babies. :)


    • 8/9/11 10:54 the Muse:

      agreed erika ;-D


  • 8/9/11 13:23 JenJ:

    Nice not wowed but still nice. Ok MAC is doing way too much with a new collection damn near every month (ok not really but it seems like every month).


    • 8/9/11 13:54 the Muse:

      jen used to be FAR worst…lately they lightened up a little ;-D!


      • 8/10/11 12:48 JenJ:

        Worse…oh lawd! LOL! Hushes up. But still hiding.


  • 8/9/11 13:39 Yuliya:

    Love these colors! I will definitely be picking some up since I missed out on Butternutty =] Do you find that the formula is the same for the shadesticks as it previously was? I find they dry out a bit over time, was hoping they’d be a little softer!


    • 8/9/11 13:56 the Muse:

      yuli almost all the SS released recently have that harder formula :-/ they don’t dry out thankfully but they aren’t as soft and melty as the original line of SS…def know what you mean! they are inbetween being soft and a dense at the same time ;-D if that makes sense!


  • 8/9/11 18:55 Blue:

    I will be getting all of them but Street Cool – I’ve never been good with dark cream eyeshadows! It always ends messily! I especially want Cakeshop and Tundra… I’ve never owned a shadestick before, and so I can’t wait to try these!


  • 8/10/11 16:45 Majick:

    the colors look gorgeous but I don’t really like this type of shadow so I think I’m safe… for now. LOL


  • 8/14/11 3:40 Viki:

    They look so gorgeous! can’t wait to get my hands on them! :]


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