Make Up For Ever Lip Line Perfector Review

Does anyone have the mean lip migrating experience? You know, the one where your lipstick takes a tour of your face starting with your upper lip and working all around your face, chin, and possibly cheeks?!

I do.

I apply in the AM and proceed to head out of the house believing how amazingly cool and brilliant I look in my bright red lipstick and super shiny gloss. I get to my office, see a few clients, answer a call or two….around 9:30 AM I head to the loo, look in the mirror, and proceed to sob.

How in the world did I face people with lipstick all over my chin, my upper lip, even my cheek!? How did my lipstick migrate all over my damn face like that?! Why!? It kinda creeps around all kinds of quiet like the Blob and than goes in for the KILL!


No worries, Make Up For Ever Lip Line Perfector to the rescue!

Make Up For Ever Lip Line Perfect is a new colorless lip liner that prevents lipstick from bleeding over the lip line and ending up on your cheek, lower lip, chin, etc…

This lip liner creates an invisible barrier that keeps lip color from feathering and migrating around! It’s great for all shades of lipstick but is particularly a lifesaver for really bold shades like red in my case as that seems to be the worst offender when it comes to taking a European Tour across my face whenever I wear it.

It’s available now at MUFE counters or online at

How do you keep your lipstick from taking a tour of your face?

P.S. Doesn’t it kinda remind you of the wax crayon you get with Easter Egg Dye Sets? Ha!

  • 8/24/11 17:32 jillann:

    Would it keep me from having lipstick all over my teeth?


    • 8/25/11 10:05 the Muse:

      just keeps it from migrating and feathering jill.


  • 8/24/11 17:58 Lady LoLo:

    Wax crayon LOL
    The idea is just fabulous! I bought a Revlon’s lip primer which primisses the same thing, avoid lip color from migrating outside lip through lines… I did not test it yet (because it did not arrive yet) but I really hope it does… like you said, it is really messy with red lipsticks x.x


    • 8/25/11 12:33 the Muse:

      thank GAWD someone knows the wax crayon Lady Lolo! ;-D haha! Hope it works for you!


  • 8/24/11 19:58 Melissa:

    This sounds really similar to urban decays clear lip liner but maybe just a little better in formula. I don’t have a bleeding problem but man if they could figure out away to give me staying power – I would be sold


  • 8/25/11 12:42 Kairi Yi:

    Hi Muse!
    Have you tested out the product yet? I am extremely interested, but cannot find a review anywhere! possibly because it is so new… but anything mufe makes me happy =)


    • 8/25/11 13:11 the Muse:

      yup I used it with that crazy red shade from the new Chanel collection kairi and it worked! ;-D


  • 8/28/11 0:49 Hillary:

    ELF also has a very similar product in their studio line. I have that one and love it. I may have to try to the MUFE one after I use up the one from ELF.


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