Musings of the Day: How Are You Doing with Your Urban Decay The Revolution Lash Curler?


Mine went back! I just couldn’t get a knack for it. I was reading a ton of reviews and it seems to be a hit or a miss. People either really embrace it and have the skill to use it and others are having trouble using it without poking an eye out (I fall into this group).

Curious minds, if you ordered it, how are you doing with it?

Loving it?

Can’t live without it?

Returned it?

Makeup graveyard?

Do Muse it with me!

  • 8/23/11 12:07 Chelsey:

    I returned mine too :( I was sooooo excited about the concept of a NO-PINCH curler, but it pinched me even worse than a regular curler because I couldn’t figure out how to position it correctly.


    • 8/23/11 12:11 the Muse:

      same here Chelsey…I felt like it was getting under the skin of my lid…ouch!


      • 8/23/11 12:23 tina:

        i cringed when i read that!


        • 8/23/11 13:54 Chelsey:

          Exactly! I didn’t realize that I’ve been relying on those little side bars as a guide for how close or far I need to be lol


          • 8/23/11 14:03 the Muse:

            same here Chel!

  • 8/23/11 12:22 Courtney:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine! It’s the only curler I haven’t pinched my lids with (though I did pinch my husband’s when I convinced him to let me try it on him much to his protests). I found that the trick is to switch hands when I do my left eye (i’m right-handed). I’ve tried doing my left eye with my right hand and can’t see to to figure it out. Otherwise this thing is awesome! It doesnt grab all my lashes at once though, but that is something I can live with.


    • 8/23/11 12:27 the Muse:

      man court I wish I HAD the same experience! I kept grabbing the skin of my lid! Ouch it had to go back!


  • 8/23/11 12:36 kiwikiwidragon:

    I bought a heated curler and I am quite happy with it. Must use it before mascara or it bunches all my lashes up. I like them separate but full and that doesn’t work for me. I have very tough hairs that take a lot of heat to produce and keep curl. A heated one helps but isn’t HG. I would love to try this but lash curling falls low on the morning priority list. Maybe if its the weekend, too many steps in my already crammed morning schedule :)


  • 8/23/11 12:48 Bev:

    I never tried it because it just looks so off putting.


  • 8/23/11 13:56 Katie:

    I’ve been loving mine! I use it before mascara and then use a heated curler after I put on mascara. Just have to line up the metal piece and you’re good to go. Took maybe about a week or so for me to get used to it. You definitely have to switch hands to use it on the other eye or you can’t see what you’re doing at all.


    • 8/23/11 14:04 the Muse:

      katie I def tried but no luck…I lack the skill ;-D!


  • 8/23/11 14:10 BooBooNinja:

    haa ahaa haa!
    hee hee haa haaa!
    oomph! stop it!
    my tummy hurts!

    the last photo kills me.


  • 8/23/11 23:10 Elle-Hime:

    I was totally intrigued by this thing when it was released! But I figured I’d wait for more reviews… It’s hard to justify the price when my current curler is working fine and I don’t have pinching problems, but of course I want to *try it* anyway… It may be an eventual buy for me.

    PS: I do love your little green men photo.


    • 8/24/11 9:22 the Muse:

      thanks elle ;-D


  • 8/24/11 1:14 Melissa:

    Im returning mine this week and buying the Chanel one. I really wanted to love it but it doesn’t seem to grip right to give my shortish lashes the curl I’m used to by the caged curlers.


  • 8/25/11 19:21 Ana:

    Hey muse! Have u tried the Laura mercier eyelash curler yet ? I was examining mine you know id say it’s technically a cage less curler because there no case on the sides where u curl. Definitly check it out you won’t be disappointed it replaced my Trisha McCoy and shu uemera!


    • 8/29/11 16:40 the Muse:

      ana I haven’t! Will check it out thanks for the rec!


  • 9/5/11 4:26 jacqueline:

    Loooooooooooove it!! Takes some getting used to, but once you can get it down it’s fabulous!!


  • 9/17/11 14:09 Kate:

    It freaks me out. Lash curlers in general freak me the hell out but I never use them anyway. I mean, I usually either wear fake eyelashes with mascara on top, or just nothing at all…mebbe some eyeliner but that’s it.


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