Nuance Salma Hayek Green Tea Cooling Eye Gel Review

Ya know all those “cooling” eye gel treatments that promising a refreshingly chilly experience when you use them? Every notice it’s actually the applicator that’s cooling but not the actual gel or cream?

Grrr! So frustrating.

Nuance Salma Hayek Green Tea Cooling Eye Gel helps to reduce puffiness and stress around the delicate eye area with a cooling eye gel…and guess what? It isn’t the only the applicator that’s cool! It’s the gel too!



A cooling eye treatment to sooth and reduce the appearance of puffiness, stress, and fatigue around the eyes.

This is an interesting mix of aloe vera, chamomile, and cactus flower extract to help sooth your eye area as well as depuff it. I normally search out eye creams, gels, and other potions with caffeine to depuff eyes and normally that works some however the ingredients in this are an mix I don’t think I’ve considered to fight puffiness.

The gel comes in a squeeze tube which has an attached roller ball head. Unlike other products of its kind it features three smaller balls rather than a larger one. You simply squeeze gently to release product into the head and proceed to roll it under your eyes. Not only are the small roller balls cooling but the gel itself also has a cool, refreshing feel. The formula isn’t highly moisturizing but it does offer a small amount of hydration and absorbs easily when patted into placed after you’ve rolled it under your eyes. It creates a nice canvas for your concealer as your eye will feel smoother and gently hydrated however I, sadly, did not see anything in the ways of depuffing…!

If your eyes are more youthful and you’re staying up late or simply not getting enough sleep or perhaps suffering from allergies this MIGHT help puffiness associated with those problems however if you have puffiness due to aging, well, it might work or might not. Personally I didn’t see much difference in my eye area after use sadly.

  • Younger eyes who suffer from puffiness due to late nights and too much partying (this might depuff some of the effects of little sleep but not that of aging).
  • Those looking for a light, hydrating gel to smooth the eye area and prep it for concealer (particularly helpful for oily skin users who can’t take heavier, richer eye cream).

  • Those who have heavy baggage or puffiness looking to eliminate the problem.

Overall, Green Tea Cooling Eye Gel is a decent product which doesn’t cop out on the formula by simply having a cooling applicator rather than a formula, here you get both…but sadly, the product fails to actually decrease puffiness or refresh tired eyes or at least in my experience with it I didn’t see those results. At $16.99 it’s way cheaper than other options available of its kind and might work out for you better than it did me. Sadly, I was disappointed but it isn’t any great surprise as I’ve never had success with these roller treatments whether high end or low.

How about you?

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This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 8/22/11 16:03 Cj:

    I saw this when I went to get the balm but figured it was junk like the others! Now I wish I would of got it lol


    • 8/22/11 16:18 the Muse:

      sadly didn’t work for me cj le sigh :( but ya never know MIGHT work for you! ;-D


      • 8/22/11 17:18 Cj:

        I’m not looking for a miracle worker but a nice cooling eye gel to perk me up in the morning sounds nice :)


        • 8/22/11 18:01 the Muse:

          this is good for that ;-D


  • 8/23/11 11:59 Maggie:

    I have the Sephora Instant Depuffing Roll-On Gel, and it also has three rolling balls. I’m the late nighter fatigue eye type, so the cooling is nice. I can’t really say that it’s instantly depuffing, since I have hooded eyes and can’t tell the difference, lol. At $15, it’s a little cheaper than this one.


  • 2/27/12 16:53 carlina:

    i just bought this product……. crossing my fingers hoping it works for me! will keep you guys posted!


  • 9/15/12 9:06 Barbara Guajardo:

    Just wasted $18 on a product that did nothing for the puffiness under my eyes. Should have known better. Oh, well.


  • 5/6/15 10:59 Connie Cool:

    I put the Nuance Cooling Eye Gel in the refrigerator and it feels great, when I put it on under my older puffy eyes. Unfortunately, it does nothing for the puffiness and only minimally hydrates, but I found other products that are greasy and make me break out. I found it on Amazon for $8.95. I would not buy it for $18, not worth it.


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