O Where O Where O is Tarina Tarantino Fall 2011?

Sephora house brands are on fi-ya this Fall. TokiDoki introduced their Fall 2011 Collection followed up by Kat Von D and Hello Kitty Beauty

Outside of Hello Kitty’s Graffiti Collection, I’m loving everything that’s going on with Kat and TokiDoki for Fall.

But one brand is missing from the bunch….

What happened to….?

Tarina Tarantino.

I see no updates for Fall for the brand.

The brand was a little hit and miss overall but the packaging was lovely and some of the LE Collections proved rather nice….

I wonder if Sephora has plans to axe it particularly since they need to make room for new collections such as the one from Charlotte Ronson.


Yay for Tarina Tarantino?

Nay, you don’t want more?

  • 8/30/11 10:01 Comrade Garlic:

    It never seemed to sell very well at any of the stores I shop at. One still has some items from Christmas on clearance. Sephora did really well with Kat, the products are pretty consistently good quality. I can over look the fact that I can’t stand the woman because the products are good. But with Tarina, who I like, it was harder to buy the stuff. The quality was all over the place. I still can’t get into Tokidoki and Hello Kitty, again because the quality is all over the place.

    I just don’t understand why the Sephora brands are so inconsistent.


    • 8/30/11 10:18 the Muse:

      comrade I must agree, inconsistency is top priority with house brands at Sephora lol! including their own makeup!!!!!!! some amazing, some not so much! Hate the hit and miss of it all! TokiDoki suffers the same, even though it is cute, it’s alot of hits and quite a few misses, it’s hard to take it seriously with that kind of crazy going on!


  • 8/30/11 15:45 Jessica:

    That’s what I thought! Too much inconsistency!
    (yeah I’m still bummed about the jewel box experience) so many of Tarina’s products were hit or miss.


  • 8/30/11 16:09 Stephanye:

    The only house brand I use and really like is Kat Von D. TokiDoki, Hello Kitty, and Tarantino are cute with packaging but when I swatch them in the store it never interest me enough it buy it. I wish the Hello Kitty makeup was better because I’m such a fan.


  • 8/30/11 17:29 Tracy:

    I bought a couple of Tarina Tarantino eyeliners online because they were on sale. And to put it simply, they sucked. I have a Kat Von D palette and I love it! I haven’t tried any Toki Doki or Hello Kitty products other than bags and such. But if it is gone, I’m definitely not sad to see Tarina Tarantino go.


  • 8/31/11 0:44 Andi:

    yeah i think sephora is gonna stop carrying tarina tarantino. it was selling as much at our store. just the glitters and maybe an eyeshadow or two.


    • 8/31/11 10:38 the Muse:

      andi it’ll be back soon with new packaging just heard yesterday ;D!


  • 8/31/11 1:46 ileana:


    I totally got the scoop from a Sephora employee a week ago… we were talking about the line and then I asked him why the display was so empty… he told me that they are revamping the line and will be getting items soon-ish. Apparently the pink color didn’t do too well so they will now be doing a purple color for the entire line and in the meantime they are trying to clear as much of the pink product as possible.

    So there you have it, I guess only time will tell if it comes back in purple or if it’s gone forever.


    • 8/31/11 10:38 the Muse:

      I HEARD yesterday ileana ;-D I CAN’T wait I saw the new images and died ;-D!


    • 9/2/11 16:02 Ruthless:

      I liked her palettes that were in the oval plastic cases but pass on everything else, including ones in cardboard


  • 8/31/11 10:59 Mizz:

    I agree with Tracy….not too sad to see Tarina go. With the inconsistency, seems most every trip to Sephora over the last few years has me walking in with fingers crossed, hoping to grab “good” things. My niece loves when I end up with what we call “the ucks” because those products go straight to her (growing by the day) very own train case. She’s 8 btw, starting the love of makeup early!!

    -KVD – Totally surprised me with the awesome products and quality! Love, and own a ton of her products.
    -Tokidoki – I sooooo want to love Tokidoki, but the “misses” pile in my niece’s train case is about 3 times the size of the “hits” in my drawers.
    -Hello Kitty – Just can’t do it….sorry!!

    In regards to the inconsistency….this is where I thank you all who blog about makeup (and whatever else comes to mind!) It has taken me years to actually stop and see what people have to say about a product before buying it, and I still make impulse buys from time to time but the blogs have allowed me to spend my money on better products. Thanks again!!


    • 8/31/11 13:33 the Muse:

      ha mizz the ucks lol ;-D I call it the makeup graveyard ;-D!

      HK was disappointing but I do like KVD and TD so far ;-D but yes TD has misses too more so than KVD! awwwwwww thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssss! <3!


  • 9/19/11 17:35 Kristine Ayala:

    Sephora is launching it within the next week or so. She’s get a whole new look and packaging. Check your nearest Sephora soon :)


    • 9/20/11 12:26 the Muse:

      yes I know Kristine I posted about it already :)


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