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Bath & Body Works Sinful Vanilla Body Lotion Review

Another day, another Bath and Body Works Halloween Body Lotion review.

Tired of ’em yet?

Not me…!

Hey, I was thinking….what if BBW starts doing these little themed body lotions for all the Holidays!? Like V-Day, Easter, etc…I can get on board with a marshmallow chick body lotion! Same goes for the Liplicious Lipglosses…

But than we’d have a whole shiz load of mini body lotions and lipglosses. Oh wait…that won’t be a problem since we already HAVE a load of them anyway.


Sinful Vanilla Body Lotion is one of six new mini size lotions available now at Bath and Body Works for Halloween.

Check it!


Clinique Black Honey Collection Available Now at Sephora

Nordies was one of the first counters to get the Clinique Black Honey Collection and for a second there it seemed like it might be exclusive to them but I’m happy to report (after a reader mentioned it in my comment box) that is now up and available online at

I suspect you’ll see it from Clinique very soon too if you’re holding out for a GWP.

Happy Haulin’!


Sleek Makeup Free Shipping Offer


Happy Weekend!

For those of you wanting to indulge in Sleek Makeup’s new Pout Paint or just want to try the brand in general (they have incredible shadow palettes) you can get Free Shipping up until Midnight Tonight (BST Time Zone) with ever $75 purchase.

Shipping is a bit costly from Sleek to the US so this is a nice deal however Sleek’s makeup is so inexpensive you’ll end up with a major haul on your hands so you might wanna ask a friend or two to join in on a purchase or visit your local makeup forum haunt and see if anyone wants to do a group purchase so you can maybe spend $20 or $30 and one or two other friends can do the same.

Take advantage of it now at by visiting and using promo code USA75


Bath and Body Works Liplicious Potent Potions Collection Halloween Lipglosses

Just a heads up the Bath and Body Works Liplicious Potent Potions Collection is in stores now.

Take a look!


Skin 79 Dear Rose BB Cream