Philosophy Autumn Air Tangerine Cider Shower Gel for Fall 2011

Ahhh bless relief!

Philosophy’s Halloween/Fall 2011 offerings at Sephora disappointed me a little bit. This was only because we had already seen them from years past…

But Nordstrom has some very nice new shower gels for Fall to get us excited.

Tangerine Cider anyone?

Apple cider is a traditional drink of Fall but how about something a little different? Tangerine Cider perhaps? Philosophy Autumn Air Shower Gel is a 3-in-1 Shower Gel that captures the warm, uplifting scent of tangerine cider.

Sounds incredible doesn’t it?

I think it might be a must haul for me.

Available now at

  • 8/10/11 12:40 Jessica:

    So excited to give the new scents a whiff! has most of the Halloween stuff that Nordstrom has, and they offer free shipping. I ordered I Love Candy Corn and the Harvest Spice lotion – Autumn Air is next on my list!


    • 8/10/11 12:43 the Muse:

      free shipping? SWEET thanks Jessica ;-D!


  • 8/12/11 5:38 Rose:

    Nooooo this sounds amazing! Why do I keep browsing your website? It only makes me spend more money 😉 I absolutely love Fall scents, can’t wait till the leaves start falling…


    • 8/12/11 9:03 the Muse:

      ha rose sorry ;-D me too, looking forward to Fall!


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