Philosophy Berry Lemon Tart Shower Gel Philosophy Fresh Pear Crisp Shower Gel

Pish posh, and you said those old school Philosophy recipe bottles were gone!

Meet Philosophy Berry Lemon Tart and Fresh Pear Crisp Shower Gel, vintage packaging, new scents.


Philosophy Berry Lemon Tart Shower Gel $20
A handful of fresh blueberries, a squeeze of lemon, and sweet home-baked goodness make this shower gel a positively delightful treat for your senses.

Philosophy Fresh Pear Crisp Shower Gel $20
A scrumptious scent featuring fresh pear, savory spice, and sugary crumbles that you can imagine came straight from the oven, baked to a perfect golden-brown crisp.

I’m banning myself from buying these but that ban will probably last all of 45 seconds.


Available now at

  • 8/22/11 2:36 Maddie:

    Nooooo! *why* does Philosophy do this to me? These looks so yummers, and I have no will power. Wait, ha – i can’t order from QVC cos I’m outside the US…so as long as they don’t end up on, i’m safe. I already caved and got Halloween stuff from them and I’m planning a Christmas haul. Oh who am I kidding? If it turns up there, I’m totally buying it, LOL.


    • 8/22/11 9:58 the Muse:

      LOL maddie ;-D christmas isn’t too far away girl! they do stuff damn early ;-D!


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