Philosophy Fall/Halloween 2011 Collection

A few bits and bobs for Philosophy Halloween 2011 have been popping up online.

Hopefully we’ll see more soon because so far it’s merely a rehash of what we normally see from the brand.

Take a look!

Philosophy Trick or Treat Set $20
A set of scented shower gels, including the flavors of crispy marshmallow bars and caramel apples.


  • 8 oz Philosophy Crispy Marshmallow Bars Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath
  • 8 oz Philosophy Caramel Apple Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

Philosophy Caramel Apple Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath $16
A delectable caramel apple shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath that cleanses and conditions skin and hair.

Philosophy Caramel Apple Flavored Lip Shine $10
A high-gloss, high-flavor lip shine in caramel apple!

Philosophy Trick or Treat Lip Shine Duo $18
A set of two high-gloss, high-flavor lip shines.


  • Philosophy Crispy Marshmallow Bars Lip Shine (champagne shimmer)
  • Philosophy Caramel Apple Lip Shine (sheer dark cherry)

These are available now at Sephora and

Hopefully as the Fall gets nearer we’ll see more goodies from Philosophy.


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  • 8/8/11 13:04 JoElla:



  • 8/8/11 13:16 Jessica:

    Caramel Apple is one of my all-time faves. I already have a back-up, but I’m still tempted by the set w/Crispy Marshmallow Bars 3-in-1. I saw I Love Candy Corn on as well. :)


  • 8/8/11 14:12 kristina:

    Gah! Where’s my Pumpkin shower gel?!!


  • 8/8/11 15:30 SusanT:

    I have Crispy Marshallow Bars 3-in-1 and it is to die for! I top that off with Sugary Cinnamon Icing body lotion — yummers! I can’t get on board with caramel, though. I love it as a flavor, but not necessarily as something to smell all the time.


  • 8/8/11 16:54 Lauren S.:

    Not to thrilled about the marshmallow treat one…I absolutely loved the pumpkin muffin shower gel last year!


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