Philosophy Maraschino Cherry Lemonade Shower Gel

Philosophy continues it’s rather cool Shower Club of the Month dealio on QVC with a brand new scent.

Let’s take a peek!

Philosophy Maraschino Cherry Lemonade Shower Gel is a cheerful blend of lemonade and maraschino cherry.

Dude, I swoon!

I feel so bad I missed the first scent they released, my Makeup Junkie side is demanding I have a complete set. The first one was Lively Lemon Coconut (damn, missed it) and the second was Tropical Daiquiri which I thought was rather fierce.

I suggest not missing out. They only last for the month and so far they have proved pretty special scent wise so if you’re a Philosophy fan I recommend hauling!

This one is item number A218536 and is available now at

  • 8/4/11 21:32 Sabrinna:

    oh man, two flavors i love! i want this! lol to eat though. hopefully it smells good! though im not a fan of buying things before testing it…


  • 8/5/11 8:57 JenJ:

    I saw this yesterday! A part of me wanted to buy the monthly gels. This one has really peaked my interest! *sigh*


  • 8/5/11 9:17 JenJ:

    I’m also wondering why they didn’t do an auto delivery option for these monthly shower gels….hmm??


    • 8/5/11 9:23 the Muse:

      AGREED jen!


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