Review: Seikisho Mask White for Removing Skin, Hair, & Clogged Pores

No joke on that title…

Anyone who’s ever used the Seikisho Mask White knows that exact feeling when you first yank that bad boy off your face. It not only pulls away gross ick from your pores but it’ll also take hair and skin along with it. I’m thinking it would make an ideal pick for bikini waxes…! Kiddin’, kiddin’!

Ouch dude, ouch!

But it’s the best thing in the world for those with clogged pores!


A peel-off, black mask that effectively removes dirt and impurities.

Outside of my nose area, my pores aren’t large enough to have issues with clogging so I normally use Seikisho Mask White on my nose area once a week and use it all over my face once ever two weeks.

If you’re familiar with peeling masks this is your basic, traditional formula however it is pretty intense compared to anything else I’ve personally tried in the form of a peeling mask before so be aware if you have sensitivities. The formula starts out a thick gel which you smear all over your face. Please, be careful to avoid your eyebrows and hairline as it will yank hair off your face, it’s pretty intense. Smooth it all over and sit around for 20 minutes or more and wait for it to harden. It hardens fairly quickly but I like to sit around with it for 30 minutes or so anyway so it sets nicely. The mask tightens around your face and creates a vacuum-like seal.

Now the fun part….

Starting from the bottom of your neck area peel the mask off (you can see the mask as it is in it’s liquid form below and after I’ve peeled it off my face in the photos below). If possible keep to one piece but if not you can peel it slowly off areas of your face. I find it peels off easily however, as mentioned above, it can prove painful for some. I’m not bothered in the least by it but the first time I used it I swear I took part of my eyebrow off with this damn thing…! Ha!

So what’s it actually do…

Personally, I have super dull skin and this instantly revitalizes my skin and makes it look brighter and whiter. If I use it on my nose it basically strips out blackheads in a single go, even stubborn ones that take up residence on my nose like it’s the French Riviera.

If you have clogged pores, duller skin, or stubborn blackheads, Seikisho Mask White is the way to get all these things under control!

I’m got pretty much used to this after one go but I do urge those with sensitive skin or even those using this for their first time to be extra careful with it as it can be painful to remove or even shocking the first time you use it!

  • Those with stubborn blackheads.
  • Those with clogged pores.
  • Those who have duller skin.
  • Those who like peel off mask treatments!

  • Those with sensitivities.

Seikisho Mask White is a must try for those with clogged pores, blackheads, or generally dull skin. This peel off mask is one of the best ones I have in my skincare arsenal and it successfully gets my skin looking incredible in a single riiiippp!

Loves it!

Very Muse Approved for purchase!

Tried it?

Love it?

Do share!

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This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 8/29/11 12:42 Tammie:

    Sounds like the perfect thing for my (and my husband’s) nose!! Must get!


  • 8/29/11 12:43 Sarah S.:

    The Boscia one seems to make me break out and I never get that satisfying “forest” of yanked-out seeds like a biore strip. Does this one work as well as a biore strip?


    • 8/29/11 12:45 the Muse:

      seems to work great for me on my nose sarah :)


  • 8/29/11 12:44 Christina:

    Oooh I’m super excited about this! The Biore strips don’t work for me and I’ve been getting a rash of strange clogged pores in other places.
    Maybe this will be my purchase for the month (shopping ban on clothes/accessories and makeup…getting harder).


    • 8/29/11 12:45 the Muse:

      christina this will DEF do the trick ;D!


  • 8/29/11 13:40 Geek in Heels:

    Wow, I’m definitely interested! I tend to be a masochist when it comes to skincare (eg, actually SCRUBBING my face with a textured towel) so this would be right up my alley. Thanks for the review!


    • 8/29/11 14:41 the Muse:

      that’s actually a great idea geek particularly for me who has super dull, dry skin! ;-D my pleasure hun!


  • 8/29/11 13:55 Barbara:

    I’ve been checking out this brand, mainly because I love the packaging, but I’ve been hesitant on purchasing it because of the price of this line. However, this sounds like something I need so I will be buying it in the future.

    Will you be reviewing any more of the products from this line by Kose? I don’t believe I saw any in the archives.


    • 8/29/11 14:41 the Muse:

      Hi Barbara it’s def a nice purchase :) I’ve reviewed color cosmetics by some of Kose’s subbrands but no skincare as of yet.


  • 8/29/11 13:57 M:

    I have been using this for years and I LOVE IT. :) It sounds icky but I feel compelled to look at the gunk stuck to the mask after I peel it off, hehe.


    • 8/29/11 14:40 the Muse:

      ME too M!


  • 8/29/11 14:12 nakwon:

    I love this. Been using it for two years and it definitely helps with clogged pores and tightening the skin. It also has a nice herbal scent.


  • 8/29/11 14:52 Jenn:

    So does this really remove hair? So you could use it to remove some upper lip hair as well as everything else it does?


    • 8/29/11 14:57 the Muse:

      no jenn it was a joke hun. It’s a really powerful though so of course, I’d avoid eyebrows/hairline during application but you can’t wax with it, I was joking around. Hope this helps!


      • 8/29/11 17:44 Jenn:

        I figured as much, but was hopeful for an all in one thing:)
        ahh too good to be true:)


        • 8/30/11 9:24 the Muse:

          sorry hun…the hair part was def just a little joke.


        • 8/30/11 16:50 Majick:

          Hey Jenn, don’t feel too bad, you asked my question. LOL I was thinking INGENIOUS! But yes, too good to be true.

          I can’t wax my face because I get swollen hair follicles that look like pimples. They last for weeks and then it’s time to wax again. Right now I just get as many as I can with the tweezers, a few everyday. WHat a drag.

          I wonder if threading would work for me?


  • 8/29/11 15:33 kiwikiwidragon:

    i ordered for the first time from Imomoko and I had a great experience, are their prices on the high side? This was my first experience with bb creams, I got the two samplers that they offer and a cover up thing-y that is a-mazing!!


    • 8/29/11 16:36 the Muse:

      mmm she is but she’s very reliable! :) yay! nice hauling! what cover up did you score?


      • 8/30/11 9:22 kiwikiwidragon:

        It works three different ways and is super soft and light. I highly recommend it, if you are into that kind of thing.


        • 8/30/11 11:55 the Muse:

          OOo cutes kiwi! I didn’t see that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D!


  • 8/29/11 16:24 Tanya:

    I LOVE this mask! I picked two up when the brand was being carried at Bath & Body Works, I scored them for half price each! Since then, I’ve finished one tube and using my second and last tube very very VERY sparingly. It does wonders for my skin, I can visibly tell that my skin is brighter after peeling it off :) One of my favorite masks!


  • 8/29/11 19:13 katchimo:

    Oh i actually own this so I was super excited to read about it here hahaha. I own two different black masks and by far the Kose one is the gentler of the two. The other one I have is a generic black mask from Korea, really cheap, it is worth a dollar in Taiwan. I think the cheaper one works better but its more painful. I don’t see as many results with the Kose but I do like to use it come summertime.


    • 8/30/11 9:23 the Muse:

      i have the shills one katchimo, that works way better than the kose one and it’s cheaper, go figure right? ;D!


  • 8/29/11 21:23 Irene:

    I’ll definitely be trying this! No pore strips have ever worked for me and my blackheads seem to be so stubborn that even if skin is removed they’ll still stay there! So frustrating! Now hoping this will help 😀


  • 8/29/11 23:44 Melissa:

    I love peelings masks. So much so that I actually finishe the boscia one. I found it a little bit rough on my skin the first time but the redness went away after a few minutes. I think I might go for this one instead of re buying the boscia. Thanks for the review!


    • 8/30/11 9:09 the Muse:

      my pleasure melissa! ;-D


  • 8/30/11 1:08 HapaGirl84:

    For a cheaper, budget-friendly alternative, try the Daiso Charcoal Mask! It’s also got the same peel-off action at a fraction of the price. Daiso is a 100 yen shop in Japan that also has outlets in other countries and the US. Almost all products are around $2.50 US. I bought 2 bottles the last time I was in Japan and I’m loving it.


    • 8/30/11 12:21 Tammie:

      Have you compared the Daiso one to this one? I am just asking because I have the Daiso charcoal mask, and if it’s the same I don’t want to drop up to $30 on the reviewed one ^^;;


      • 8/30/11 23:01 HapaGirl84:

        Hey Tammi I haven’t personally tried the Seikisho Mask, but since the Daiso version is so cheap definitely try picking it up first to see if you like it! It has the same goopy texture (it looks like at least from Muse’s photo) and it definitely has the ability to pull the gunk out of your pores. Muse (or anyone else), have you tried both?


        • 8/31/11 10:40 the Muse:

          i’ve tried alot of “black” masks but never the daiso one Hapa :)


        • 8/31/11 12:29 Tammie:

          I already have the Daiso one…not sure how good of a job it does though so I wanted to try something nicer. Also I feel like the Daiso one looks more gluey and the Kose looks more gely but I can’t say for sure…


  • 8/30/11 10:56 JennY:

    Cool, sounds similar like Daiso Charcoal mask (:
    I gonna try buying this later ^.^ Thanks for the reviews! Love your all reviews <3


    • 8/30/11 10:59 the Muse:

      aw thanks jenn! thank you for your lovely comment <3!


  • 8/30/11 18:23 Tracy:

    Hi Muse ! Is this a bit like Biore pore strips ? Because as much as they clean well, every aesthetician told me that it will enlarge my pores !


    • 8/30/11 18:41 the Muse:

      I’m not sure if this will enlarge your pores tracy, sorry hun ;-/


  • 8/30/11 23:30 dana:

    i live in japan and im totally picking this up after work! thanks!


    • 8/31/11 9:12 the Muse:

      my pleasure dana!


  • 8/31/11 16:00 Anna:

    I loveeeee this mask. A long time ago, they used to sell it at Bath and Body Work flagship stores but not anymore. It’s the best! = )


  • 9/1/11 10:12 Merody:

    This sounds so interesting. But how much of it you use for full-face mask? I would love to purchase it, but I’m concerned that it won’t last too long.


  • 10/21/11 14:37 Erica:

    What’s the difference between Kose Whitening Mask and Kose White Mask? Do you know??
    Thank you so much for your reviews!!


    • 10/21/11 15:02 the Muse:

      same product erica :) my pleasure! :) thanks for the lovely comment!


      • 10/21/11 21:25 Erica:

        Thank you for your answer! I could not believe when I saw that he had answered! Loved it!
        As I read the review went shopping online and I ended up buying the “Whitening Mask”, the bottles are identical! I was afraid it was another one.
        Well, I knew your blog today and I say sincerely that I am loving every comment and I am preparing my wish list for next trip to the United States. Here in Brazil, everything is much more expensive.
        Thank her dedication and for sharing your experiences!


  • 12/25/12 22:21 taskeen:

    where do you buy this?? any trusted webste suggestion??


    • 12/26/12 9:19 the Muse:

      mentioned it in the post taskeen


  • 1/1/13 10:41 Sara:

    i got blackheads on my nose, forehead and by my nose area. Will this product work on my face ? Will it clear all my blackheads off my face and make it clean like before ?


  • 6/16/13 4:25 muniraawa:

    not sure i put on too little or didnt wait long enough bfore peeling off. the mask came out very easy and it din took the black heads off too.


  • 6/24/13 7:07 penguin24:

    how often should i do this mask to produce a white skin effect? once a week?


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