Sleek Makeup Pout Paint Swatches

Swatches of the new Sleek Makeup Pout Paint anyone?

Today Sleek Makeup released their brand new Pout Paint which is an intensely pigmented lipstick like product.

Take a little sneak peek at some swatches (review coming shortly).

Don’t panic, that blue and white (unless you do sport outrageous shades on your lips) are merely mixing shades that you can cocktail with other shades in the range to cool them off or warm them up.

Pretty vibrant aren’t they?

And they wear like the dickens! Phew! Bulletproof.

I’ll be reviewing soon.

Thoughts on the swatches?


These are available now at (they ship worldwide).


This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 8/3/11 22:23 Carrie:

    Given they look like OOC Lip Tars and the cost of shipping from London, OOC would probably be the cheaper bet.


  • 8/3/11 22:26 mon:

    *goes get mop to clean all the drool*


  • 8/3/11 22:30 katherine:

    i just ordered some eye shadows from their website…. I did not see these awesome pout paints LOL


  • 8/4/11 0:02 diary of a beauty junkie:

    WHOA. That’s my only thought.


  • 8/4/11 8:30 Maria:

    I only see one problem with these. I usually like to pretend I’m an artist when I’m playing with my make up (because I have absolutely zero artistic talent otherwise ^_^) and with these I would spend hours just mixing to get the perfect lip color I wanted. In other words, I would never get to school!!! But my lips would be FIERCE! LOL


    • 8/4/11 13:10 the Muse:

      LOL maria ;-D! I hear ya!


  • 8/4/11 9:44 Telle:

    I haven’t seen them on the site yet… :/ def waiting to compare prices to lip tar…


    • 8/4/11 9:46 the Muse:

      telle they are on the site since yesterday hun front page ;D


      • 8/4/11 9:51 Telle:

        Thanks Muse! I just got my order two days ago too! Guess I should have waited?! Haha! Looking forward to the review! Oh! I hope they come out with a little mixing tray set to go along with these too! :) keeps the hands stained free! :)


        • 8/4/11 13:10 the Muse:

          ah no wonder u didn’t see these ;-D that would totes be helpful telle!


  • 8/4/11 9:53 Shiella:

    I need to get this. LOL


  • 8/4/11 9:59 Misato-san:

    Looking forward your review, I’m intrigued by them ^^


  • 8/4/11 10:43 Comrade Garlic:

    They are only $8! Whoo! Can’t wait for the next free shipping code for the US.


    • 8/4/11 11:15 telle:

      how often does that come up? would it apply for canada too?


      • 8/4/11 20:45 Comrade Garlic:

        I think they should apply to Canada. The offer normally reads free international shipping. They seem to offer it once a month.

        The catch is they are normally only good for one day. But Sleek ships really fast. I ordered on July 4 and got my stuff on July 7. It’s worth signing up for emails.


  • 8/4/11 12:45 Karen Ang:

    The link to sleek makeup isn’t working :(


    • 8/4/11 13:08 the Muse:

      apologies karen fixed it!


      • 8/4/11 13:26 Karen Ang:



  • 8/4/11 12:53 Cerra:

    Lol I bet the blue one is what Ke$ha wears (: <3


    • 8/4/11 13:07 the Muse:

      prob cerra ;D!


  • 8/4/11 16:17 Majick:

    These look fun, I want to see them on some lips. :-)


  • 8/4/11 21:21 tiny:

    seeing the one on the far left, they don’t look as pigmented as occ liptars.. :/

    I’mma wait for the review. :)


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