SteamCream Ladybug, Lucy In The Sky, Liberty

SteamCream has a few new tins to enjoy!

If you’ve never heard of SteamCream or never tried it to check out my review here.

Jump ahead to see some of the great new designs!

SteamCream Liberty Tin

SteamCream Lucy in the Sky Tin

SteamCream Ladybug Tin

I need the Ladybug…and by the way, dunno if I ever told you this, but I’m a HUGE Beatles and Lennon fan so Lucy in the Sky, well, I seriously HAVE to have it!

Steamcream has done the Union Jack prior to this but never Old Glory so if you’re a bit patriot you might want it.

Do you use Steamcream?

Love it?

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  • 8/24/11 16:38 Lady LoLo:

    So cute! Just saw your review. Do you think that that blue tin from Nivea would be a steamcream?


    • 8/24/11 16:41 the Muse:

      sorry LadyLoLo…nivea? No :) this is by Lush Cosmetics.


  • 8/24/11 17:55 Lady LoLo:

    I understand that this is from a different brand, but do you think that Nivea’s blue tin cream is similar? It is a cream for both face and body etc… but do you think it would have the same effect as a steamcream?


    • 8/25/11 10:05 the Muse:

      sorry lolo I think I read what you said wrong. I never tried nivea’s body cream but I doubt they are similar…..but I can’t compare the two never having tried Nivea ;-/ sorry!


  • 8/24/11 22:37 dina:

    not a beatles girl but i def need lucy in the sky for my lucy :)))) i’ve actually been silently stalking steam cream after reading about it on her back in winter months and seeing all of their adorable tins & now this seals the deal 😀


    • 8/25/11 15:52 the Muse:

      oh that’s right! your lucy in the sky with diamonds ;D!


  • 8/25/11 6:40 Musebeliever:

    I want this in FRANCE !!!! They have a french website but still don’t dispatch to France ! >.< So frustrating !!!
    I'm seriously thinking about going to the UK for crazy beauty shopping !


  • 8/25/11 7:44 Mary the Muse militant:

    Love this stuff after Muse recommended it.
    My latest tin is almost empty so time for more.
    The empty tins are great to use for bits and bobs.
    I adore the American flag one and as I have a daughter called Lucy I’ll have to buy that one too.
    Hope they still do free shipping !


  • 8/25/11 14:24 Sarah S.:

    I still have the cherry blossom one from spring nearly full… otherwise, I would be grabbing up lucy in the sky :)


  • 8/25/11 17:43 Lady LoLo:

    It is this, just a small blue tin, a face cream that you can also use for body.
    If you ever use this, please when you make a review, compare it with steam cream ^^


  • 8/1/12 11:24 Patti:

    I was just wondering if anyone knows how much steam cream is in a tin? How many ounces?


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