Stila Love and Empower Set

The Help, is about twenty-something year old Skeeter a southern girl who returns home after graduating from college in 1962 and proceeds to turn her small town upside down by interviewing the African American women who have spent their lives taking care of rich southern families. What insures is a story about the empowerment of women, both from lower and upper classes.

To celebrate both the book and the film Stila has created the Love and Empower Set.

Take a look!

Inspired by the best-selling novel, “The Help”, Stila Love and Empower Set is universally flattering selection of plums and neutrals. The set includes for eyeshadows, one cheek color, a bronzing color, and a deluxe size of Stila Lipglaze in Apricot.

At $29, I find the price a little offensive considering the palette design and size is the same as the $14 recently released Beach Palettes. The only difference I can see in this palette is the addition of a Lipglaze but that would mean we are paying $15 for the inclusion of the gloss….? Lipglazes are normally $22 each however in sets and kits the deluxe size are normally cheaper than the $15 extra we are paying here, for example, there are trios of Lipglaze available now for $12. The math doesn’t add up here. I will, of course, purchase this set, but I don’t have to like the strange price range they slapped on it.

The four shades of shadow included are:

  • Love
  • Empower
  • Dignity
  • Cherish

Cheek color

  • Hope

Bronzing powder

  • Joy

Lip Glaze

  • Apricot

The set is available now at

  • 8/9/11 13:16 JoElla:

    The book is fantab! I hope they do a decent job tranlsating it into a movie.

    I really like this set. This might be the one that makes me try Stila


  • 8/9/11 13:22 Musebeliever:

    I love the eyeshadows ! *o*
    But yes the price is a little…

    Aish I really need to go to the UK during the sales. u.u


  • 8/9/11 13:25 kimkats:

    You *will* of course swatch it when you get it, won’t you Muse? Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaseeeee????????


    • 8/9/11 13:54 the Muse:

      but of course ;-D!


  • 8/9/11 13:34 kimkats:

    Oh, I don’t know if this is kosher or not, but I was just on temptalia, and if you use the code “temptalia” on, you get free shipping and a free watermelon lip glaze. Feel free to *not* post this muse if it’s not appropriate, and my apologies ahead of time if it’s not…. :)


    • 8/9/11 13:54 the Muse:

      thanks kim! awesome code girl ;-D! Cheers!


  • 8/9/11 13:37 Sarah S.:

    Please swatch, Muse! I am so on the fence on this one because I too found the price a Scooby-doo “Hrrrhhhh???”


    • 8/9/11 13:53 the Muse:

      can I just say your pixie cut is so awesome sarah? was browsing your blog…looks GREAT ;-D me too..WTH? price is awesome. Def will be swatching, I just ordered it haha!


      • 8/9/11 14:05 Sarah S.:

        Thanks ^.^; been my style since 2006, tbh. I forgot about that Temptalia code… might just buy it anyway for the extra lip glaze, heh!


        • 8/9/11 14:10 the Muse:

          I wish I had the nerve to go short! I love it ;-D very cute. hells yes ;-D the extra lipglaze makes it tempting!


          • 8/9/11 14:19 Sarah S.:

            If they make a Stila Girl with a pixie cut you know I’m gonna buy that palette :)

          • 8/9/11 14:28 the Muse:

            ha ;-D I’d buy that too!

  • 8/9/11 13:42 Whitney:

    Stila always sucks me in with their cute palettes, but the price on this one is a bit much!


  • 8/9/11 14:30 Jayne:

    I have never been a fan of the Beach Girl palettes (I’ve never seen a single one where the color combination strikes the right chord with me), but this looks simple, practical, and in its usefulness for travel alone well worth the $30. I might have to pick it up, but I’ve never tried the lip glazes so I’m still slightly on the fence about it.


    • 8/9/11 14:40 the Muse:

      I could be blowing wind here but I really love Lipglazes Jayne…;-D


      • 8/9/11 14:54 Jayne:

        I’ve never heard of someone NOT liking them, which makes me feel like I’m missing out on something. I’m just not a huge gloss wearer and would rather spend my money on lipsticks. However, you haven’t let me down before (BB creams, Lush Fresh Farmacy, and Philosophy body washes all changed my life) so I may go pick it up, or possibly one of the mini trios.


        • 8/9/11 14:59 the Muse:

          christine actually hates them b/c she doesn’t like the lip brushes ;-D which is understandable but I I LOVE them for some reason ;-D they always look so natural on my lips and pretty. mmm honestly if you don’t like gloss for the obvious reasons, like stick and tackiness, you might want to avoid them ;-D However, on the plus side Stila those two trios available (warm or cool) for $12 each I think is a bargain!

          And I heart you so much, very flattered you enjoyed some of the things I rec’ed! You might also wanna wait for Holiday btw as Stila does a monster set of them every year which includes like 8 of ’em for twenty something dollars…good deal too!


          • 8/10/11 20:05 Liane:

            I’m really not a lip gloss person but even I have to say the Lip Glazes are pretty great.

  • 8/9/11 14:35 2sillybugs:

    I agree about the price, Muse. But with names like Love, Hope, Joy and Empower, a lot of us will get “sucked in” to buy this, me included, LOL.
    Thanks as always. Hey, did you want the leftover Sephora Instant Moisture Masks and shaker?


    • 8/9/11 15:01 the Muse:

      ha sillybugs totes know what you mean! Oh gosh thank YOu so much! I actually got a set…it’s tossed in the to be reviewed pile but jeepers I sure do appreciate the offer girl!


  • 8/9/11 16:42 Andrea:

    Stila’s inconsistent pricing really puts me off. They need to decide what kind of price point their products will have and stick to it.


  • 8/9/11 20:08 CK:

    omg, i had the same reaction! i was alllll over the palette until i saw the price. i mean.. for $14 i can get one of the summer palettes and a free lip glaze from the temptalia code.


  • 8/10/11 0:36 Smirking Valet:

    Muse, perhaps the high price is due to a licensing fee with the film? And the theme of the movie makes me think – have their ever been any Stila girls of color?


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