Tarte Friends and Family 30% Off Coupon Code

Enjoy 30% Off at tartecosmetics.com (Free Shipping on $40 orders and up) by using promo code FFAUG.

Sadly, the Tarte for True Blood Collection is excluded but you can still haul anything else from the Tarte catalog with the discount.


  • 8/8/11 10:37 Sarah S.:

    I posted this the second I recieved the e-mail notice on my blog, too, but then when I went to buy all the Amazonian Clay blushes they’re all sold out! That sure was fast, heh.


    • 8/8/11 11:40 the Muse:

      damn that was fast sarah!


  • 8/8/11 13:29 Cait:

    oh no! i put myself on a makeup buying ban since my first grad school bill came last week, but this is too tempting. lol :(


    • 8/14/11 13:21 JenJ:

      I’m there with you. My grad school student loan payment begin soon. *sigh* I have a few things I may get between now and the end of the year. Come 2012 I’m on a serious makeup buying ban. Or more so very very selective of what I get.


  • 8/9/11 0:09 kharanya:

    Boo, no more 40% off F&F’s eh? Oh well, I already placed my order for more eyelash primer, mascara (Lights, Camera, Action Waterproof), Sandstone dual cream/powder shadow and their clay pore reducing finishing powder.


  • 8/10/11 20:06 diane:

    i got the amazonian clay hd finishing powder (LOVE IT!) and also the eyelash grower & primer- i already have 2 barely used ones but now i can leave a set at my boyfriends without lugging it back & forth! i also got the amazonian clay concealer in the deep shade to contour (a trick i learned from mally!) was so happy for this sale! tarte is one of my fave brands!!


  • 8/14/11 13:19 JenJ:

    damn damn damn!. so i guess the neutral eyes II palette and blush can be a justified purchase…lol!!!!!!


    • 8/14/11 17:44 JenJ:

      the palette is out of stock!! gah!! dah well.


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