the Balm Skincare Collection Now Available

the Balm’s new Skincare Collection that I told you about earlier this Summer is now available and on sale at

Happy Haulin’!

  • 8/9/11 16:34 CM:

    Just to let you know…There was a whole slew of TimeBalm skin care items at Marshall’s & TJ Maxx this weekend! Including eye creams, serums, moisturizers, toners, and cleansers. I also saw theBalm makeup palettes & the eye makeup remover balm.


    • 8/9/11 16:35 the Muse:

      whoa thanks CM! any idea on the price range?!


  • 8/9/11 16:58 CM:

    Oh yes! I tried to buy a few of the makeup palettes but they had all been opened and touched (hate that at those stores). I think makeup palettes were around $15 and there was a good mix. I also remember that they had the mineral eye shadows with the pinup girl labels in a 4 pack for $24.99. I don’t remember how much the eye makeup remover balm was, but I believe it was around $12-15. I actually bought some of the skincare – rose cleanser was $14.99, white tea cucumber toner was $12.99, vanilla oil absorbing moisturizer was $16.99, and the peppermint hydrating face cream was $14.99. Serums, eye creams and the primer were in that range too. Seemed like a good buy after I’d seen the brand at sephora but I didn’t know the skincare was just released! Wish I had bought the remover balm and mineral shadows now that I’ve read your reviews.


    • 8/9/11 16:59 CM:

      Nail polishes too – 5 or 6 together. Forgot the price of those though.


  • 8/9/11 18:05 Taylor:

    I saw them too and was about to post it! I just bought some too. lol The lowest price was about $12.99 for a toner, well $9.99 for the makeup remover in the tin. And the highest I saw was $24.99 for the pomegranate serum. I just bought a toner and a moisturizer for a test run, as they were on the lower side before I invest more into it.


  • 8/10/11 22:36 Amy:

    I saw them too! The prices I remember because I bought some were Cleansers were $16.99, toners were $14.99, Moistuizers were $14.99


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