The Swedish Chef Approves of the Balm Cast Your Shadow Palette

the Balm Cast Your Shadow Palette the Balm Muppet Show Palette

Bork, Bork!

And for your viewing enjoyment, my favorite episode, the Swedish Chef and the Lobster Bandidos!

  • 8/26/11 11:32 Mina:

    I <3 the Muppet Show… and among my favorite characters are the Swedish Chef and the 2 grumpy men at the balcony. hehehe. Got into the pre-order list and happily waiting for the delivery of my order. Can't wait!!! The child in me sold the palette ;)


    • 8/26/11 11:38 the Muse:

      Statler and Waldorf rock mina ;-D glad you got in on the pre-order!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D


  • 8/26/11 11:53 Courtney:

    I want this palette so so so bad! I sent them an email to get on the presale list but they never emailed me back :( BOO!!!!


    • 8/26/11 12:21 ☆Lola A♏ ★:

      They’re having another presale soon!


      • 8/26/11 12:35 Courtney:

        Thanks! I hope I can get one! I love muppets!


  • 8/26/11 12:42 Sarah:

    I got in the pre-order and I am SO EXCITED to get this. eeeeeeeee!


  • 8/26/11 16:32 kiwikiwidragon:



  • 8/26/11 19:18 diane:

    oh this video made my crappy friday better! swedish chef is also one of my faves. i got on pre-order list too and the palette can’t come fast enough! =D


    • 8/29/11 16:38 the Muse:

      yay diane ;-D glad I made ya smile! ;-D


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