Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Colorshine Gloss Review, Swatches, Photos

Sometimes you find a little piece of awesome in the Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush bins and sometimes a little bit of rubbish.

It’s a toss up, kinda like winning the lotto!

Victoria’s Secret Colorshine Gloss is a new launch of lipglosses to the Beauty Rush Collection in five shades.

Any good? Possibly lotto win?

Let’s check ’em out!

A new flavored lipgloss from Victoria’s Secret.

Props to Victoria’s Secret for remembering how much we love the little things in life such as lipglosses that are available not only in several shades but flavors too! Each shade of their new Colorshine Gloss features a different flavor and shade. Nifty eh?

The glosses all have a shimmery finish with a thinner, runny consistency. They don’t have a ton of shine nor are they terribly pigmented but they have a comfortable, lightweight wear.

I picked up two shades which were Big Apple (a reddish coral shimmer) and Wonder Melon (a mauve rose shimmer), each tastes like its namesake.

Sadly, the gloss formula is really thin and it fails to wear well. You’d be lucky if it lasted for 30 minutes at most. I also find the lack of pigmentation and shiny finish quite disappointing as well!

  • Those who prefer a very minimal gloss look.

  • Those wanting shine and pigment from their glosses.
  • Those wanting a long wearing formula.

Overall, I wouldn’t bother picking these up as the formula sadly falls into the miss category (no beauty lotto here kids). I find the formula isn’t anything special to warrant a purchase and the really short wear time makes them even more of a miss. Sadly, Colorshine Gloss falls flat in the Beauty Rush realms, you win some, you lose some…this one I lost.

Anyone try?


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Available now at Victoria’s Secret.


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