Bath & Body Works Liplicious Forbidden Apple Lipgloss

Hunting down the last Bath & Body Works Halloween Liplicious Lipgloss in Forbidden Apple was turning into a quest for the Holy Grail.

But good news, it is indeed starting to pop in stores and online now too!

This is the last of the 10 Halloween Liplicious Lipglosses that Bath & Body Works released for Halloween and it appears to be one of the more pigmented ones with a swirl of cherry red and black cherry and deep purple plus a sweet apple candy fragrance and flavor!

If you’re lemming it, you can grab it now for $8 (or buy any two and get one free) at Bath and Body Works stores or online at

If you missed any of my reviews or swatches for the other glosses you can check through the list below to revisit the posts!


  • 9/12/11 20:54 Fey:

    This one looks TEMPTING. I love how the apple has a bite out of it, like it was just EDEN. This comment is not very PUNNY.
    I’m done now. I’m a sucker for red glosses, but not for apple. This may be the exception; it’s the only B&BW gloss that appeals to me. The packaging is oddly sexy.


  • 9/13/11 23:16 Telle:

    Hauled it!! 😀
    Really impressed with BBW’s glossies this year… :}


  • 9/15/11 0:27 K:

    I love the packaging! I wish I could get it !


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