Beauty Most Unusual: Sun Family Needs UV Sun Visor

I’m obsessed with good sun protection but not so crazed that I’d walk around with a UV Sun Visor…

Sometimes you have to know when to call it enough!


So yeah….this acts as not only a visor to protect your from the sun but also as a full on face protector. I think I’m going to buy one and reenact that awesome Flash Dance welding scene while playing “What a Feeling” really loud.

Whatcha think?

At the least I can get some comic relief out of beauty most unusual products like this.

Need one?

You can grab it up at but I advise against the welding style sun visor, unless, of course, you’re a welder.

This one probably fits under the “Beauty Products You Don’t Need” category.

  • 9/28/11 11:49 Sarah S.:

    I can so see a little old Japanese lady wearing this while gardening :)


    • 9/28/11 12:03 the Muse:

      lol me too sarah ;D


    • 9/28/11 12:25 Mango the mango:

      OMG my mom does exactly this!!! She’s a teeny tiny little old Vietnamese lady, so close enough. =D


  • 9/28/11 12:17 LK:

    lol, i’ve seen those in “running man” haha.


  • 9/28/11 12:20 Cj:

    Anyone else think the last picture reminds them of darth vadar? I can just hear her say “Luke I am your father”


    • 9/28/11 12:31 the Muse:

      Beware of the Force Sun Luke!


  • 9/28/11 12:27 Jess:

    It’s very common in Asia to wear sun visors, hats and use umbrellas. My mom is always trying to get me to do that here but I’d feel weird. However, when I’m in Asia, it’s normal so I’ll do it. What’s also nice is that when people are sick (or just germaphobes) they’ll wear face masks/gloves… so less risk of germ transmission. Wish that was more popular here! I hate people who are sick walking around hacking on things.


    • 9/28/11 13:59 kiwikiwidragon:

      agreed! there was a lady hacking behind me at lunch today, ugh!! Take your coughing ass home, or quit smoking!! LOL. I did and I am healthier for it!


  • 9/28/11 12:41 Tammie:

    See these all the time here in CA and Cj, yep we call them Darth Vader masks too xD


  • 9/28/11 12:41 Tohnia:

    these are so common where I live! I live in a very Asian community (Markham) and I see people wearing these everywhere! Alot of Chinese people are worried about being tan, so they usually wear these in combination with an umbrella or a hat. What I hate it when people use them as an excuse not to look where they are going! I’m SICK of people bumping into me for no apparent reason then because they couldn’t bother to lift up their sun visor!

    You can also get sleeve protectors for your arms and hands for when you’re driving your car!

    Surgical masks when you’re sick I can get behind. I don’t want to give/pass on my germs plz.


  • 9/28/11 12:58 Suzy:

    I think it’s hilarious how you think this is unusual, when it’s so common for us here in East Asia! XD


    • 9/28/11 13:05 the Muse:

      suzy def common in Asia but not so much here :) I’d get mighty weird looks if I walked down the street with one of these on ;-D!


  • 9/28/11 14:02 kiwikiwidragon:

    I used an umbrella at DH’s grandmother’s funeral several years ago. It was June or July, in Florida and the middle of the day. I wasn’t going to stand in the cemetery and roast for 45 minutes. some family looked at me funny.


  • 9/28/11 14:04 Tina:

    I see Asian woman wear these all the time here in the US. They also wear the arm covers in 100 degree weather.


    • 9/28/11 14:05 the Muse:

      I’ve never seen anyone wear these around here Tina :) Where do you live?


      • 9/28/11 14:11 Tina:

        Northern CA. I see women wear these all the time around the Bay Area. I’ve always wondered where they purchase those because I never see them at J Crew or Forever 21. LMAO


        • 9/28/11 14:12 the Muse:

          LOL forever21 would be awesome to carry these….;-D! gosh I must be looking in the wrong places, anytime I’ve been in the Bay Area never saw anyone walking around with one, I think it would make me giggle ;-D the visor part is ok but fully down on the face, that would make me laugh ;-D!


          • 9/28/11 14:14 Tammie:

            Muse, go to Cupertino next time you are here, you will be sure to see a bunch then :)

          • 9/28/11 14:15 the Muse:

            I’m on it, I need to see it for myself LOL!

        • 9/28/11 14:13 Tammie:

          Korean supermarkets Tina 😀


          • 9/28/11 15:05 Sarah S.:

            LOL Tammie that is where my company headquarters are! Now I want to make a business visit haha 😛

    • 9/28/11 14:09 Tammie:

      Haha yes the arm covers! And don’t forget the neck covers, I’ve seen them for sale at Daiso.


  • 9/28/11 19:01 bellaxfatal:

    looks like a welding mask…


  • 9/28/11 21:11 brenda:

    just what I was looking for!!.. very common with Jap and Taiwanese tourist..
    sun protection at its best


  • 9/28/11 21:44 Paris B:

    Well we use sunnies so why not sunnies for the whole face? 😀 Won’t look out of place here in Asia 😉


  • 9/28/11 22:28 Ruth:

    OMG I live in Burnaby, B.C. and let me tell you, it’s mostly Chinese in my neighbourhood. Nearly every asian woman over 40 wears these “Darth Vader” visors, it cracks me up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • 9/29/11 9:53 the Muse:

      lol ruth!


  • 9/29/11 1:26 Christine:

    These were all the rage with middle-aged asian ladies here (Vancouver), like 5 years ago, I still see some wearing it. Even my mother has one. XD


    • 9/29/11 9:50 the Muse:

      lol christine if my mum wore would I’d goof on her so badly ;D!


  • 9/29/11 2:10 Abbey:

    These visors are so popular in Asia. I live in Korea right now and almost every woman has one. They’re sort of an older woman type thing but I see more and more younger woman using these rather than umbrellas. I think they’re hideous but here, white skin is the beauty standard.


  • 10/4/11 12:52 Reggie:

    lol my mom wears those whenever she goes out cause she doesnt want any more age spots or tanning. shes already somewhat tan but im still pale so she tries to get me to wear these. i like the idea but i dont really want to be walking around like darth vader.


  • 3/2/12 23:00 stella:

    where can i get this type of UV sun visor?


  • 3/2/12 23:11 stella:

    My mom always remind me to get one of this sun visor when I’m out to fetch my children to school or tuition because my country is very very hot. You can feel your skin like burning when you out to the sun. I told her that people will stare at me when I wear this sun visor and she replied “people stare at you – you won’t die” but “the sun stare at you – you”ll burn”.


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