Bobbi Brown 20th Anniversary Lip Palette

Thank you for being a friend, for 20 years, Bobbi!

To celebrate Bobbi gifts us with her 20th Anniversary Lip Palette.


The Bobbi Brown 20th Anniversary Lip Palette is a selection of twenty Bobbi Brown Lip Colors in a single custom palette ($60). The palette features 10 of the original Lip Colors that Bobbi launched back in 1991 and 10 other color options to mix, match, and enjoy to your heart’s content!

Happy Haulin’ Bobbi girls!

Available now at

How long have you collected Bobbi?

As far back as ’91?

  • 9/19/11 18:38 Haley:

    WANT. so beautiful, love the inclusion of purples and that great orange-red. so worth the money to me. thank you for sharing!


    • 9/20/11 12:24 the Muse:

      my pleasure haley!


  • 9/19/11 19:24 Dana:

    I’m not normally a lipstick person, but this really intrigues me. Since I’m not into lipstick that much $60 seems steep, but maybe for Xmas:-)


  • 9/19/11 22:53 Tiffany:

    Will this be available in sephora muse


    • 9/20/11 10:24 the Muse:

      not sure tiff! I think it might be exclusive to Bobbi at the moment! I’ll keep you posted!


  • 9/20/11 8:49 Prairie Peg:

    Oooh, this one will be mine!! What a pretty collection of shades!


  • 9/20/11 11:59 JenJ:

    OOOOOhhhh!!! I wonts it! I haven’t been collecting Bobbi Brown long. It’s one of my fav makeup brands (high or low end).


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