Bobbi Brown Rich Color Eye Shadow Swatches

As you know Bobbi has a new range of Rich Color Eye Shadows that she has added to her catalog. These shadows are a creamy powder that promises excellent color payoff with a soft press technology that allows the natural waxes in the formula to melt into the formula giving the powder a creamy feel.

Let’s peek some swatches!

(Pictured from left to right: Pink Silk, Wine, Royale, Coffee Bean, and Rich Kasmir)

I only swatched these yesterday but haven’t actually tried them so expect a review soon. My first impression is OMG no shimmers! Ha…! But overall, looks like they might create some very sophisticated Fall looks!

I’ll have a review for you next week!

If you tried them already feel free to add your thoughts!

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Eye Shadow is on counter now and available online at

  • 9/2/11 11:20 Crystal:

    Royale looks beautiful!!! I think thats the one for me!


  • 9/2/11 12:41 haley:

    wow these are gorgeous! loving pink silk and wine


  • 9/2/11 13:54 BooBooNinja:

    Yay for mattes!


  • 9/2/11 17:15 SusanT:

    Hey, Muse, I have a question for you, hon: do you know of any light grey matte eyeshadows? Why is it they all have shimmer or glitter?


    • 9/6/11 10:30 the Muse:

      ah I’m the worst person to ask susan as most of my shadows are shimmer finish! but I’d head to bobbi’s counter, she’s sure to have a matte grey !


    • 9/6/11 12:39 Emily:

      Stila, Urban Decay (theirs is called Revolver and it’s not that light), and Makeup For Ever all have huge collections of colors that include mattes as well as shimmers and sparkles and metallics. is the best place to see all the collections in one place, but their swatches are terrible. If you really want to know the shade beforehand, find a bunch of shadows you want to check out, then google them by typing in the full brand and name of the shadow plus the color and the word swatches (or reviews). Oh, Illamasqua also has a lot of (mostly, actually) matte shadows. Then there’s always googling “matte light grey gray eye shadow” and seeing what you get.


  • 9/6/11 13:20 SusanT:

    Muse & Emily, thanks so much for the advice. I’m going to check out the makeup section at Needless Markup and Nordstrom’s to see if there are any light grey matte eyeshadows. I don’t know about you gals, but isn’t the lighting in Sephora terrible? It’s really hard to assess color there, don’t ya think? Again, thanks, girls.


    • 9/6/11 14:15 the Muse:

      my pleasure I didn’t help at all though susan! I hope you find the shade you’re looking for. Yes, Sephora lightening makes everything look amazing lol! too bright, in your face!


  • 9/6/11 15:33 Katrosado:

    I need mattes! I went through some of the palettes I have and I have almost all shimmers! I’ll be picking some of these up for sure. I do have a couple of BB’s palette’s the include mattes and they are amazing!


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