DERMAdoctor Glycolic Acid Skincare Collection

Glycolic Acid is AHA option for promoting cellular turnover and minimizing the appearance of fine wrinkle lines among other issues.

DERMAdoctor injects it into their new skincare line up.

Take a look!

DERMAdoctor Litmus Test pH Correcting & Renewing Glycolic Acid Facial Moisturize $52
Litmus Test allows you the opportunity to reverse the cycle of dryness by restoring skin’s pH balance. Restoration of this critical equilibrium is the best way to solve the problem of moisture escaping and unveil your luminous complexion – the universal indicator of youthful skin. Dry skin leads to drier skin – once skin has lost its critical pH state, skin cells pull apart from each other allowing moisture stored up beneath the skin’s surface to escape and evaporate. Your once glowing skin is now left dull, lifeless and a target for infection.

DERMAdoctor Litmus Test Replenishing Toner Glycolic Acid & Lactic Acid $35
A toner that’s good for your skin! Unlike other toners this incredible formulation doesn’t strip, parch or irritate. Cleanses away impurities and leaves skin refreshed yet hydrates, nourishes and protects the skin against free radical damage.

DERMAdoctor Litmus Test Glycolic Acid Facial Cleansing Gel $25
A foaming cleansing gel that’s good for your skin! Unlike other foaming cleansers, this incredible formulation is free of detergents so it won’t strip, parch or irritate skin. Cleanses away impurities, removes environmental debris, dirt, excess skin oils and makeup. Leaves skin refreshed and radiant.

One of the first eye creams I ever trusted my fine lines to was from DERMAdoctor so count me curious about their new skincare collection.

What do you think?

Any DERMAdoctor fans?

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  • 9/12/11 13:35 kaynn:

    The packaging is really nice! But do I need another cleanser…hmmm…


  • 9/13/11 22:48 Chels:

    Tempted to try.!
    Muse, have you ever tried My Scheming Face Masks? I prefer them over My Beauty Diary masks. If you haven’t tried yet, you should :)


    • 9/15/11 11:34 the Muse:

      I have indeed chels..also their moisturizers which are fab ;-D I have to review some!


  • 9/14/11 16:57 Kayla:

    I have the Litmus Test cleanser and moisturizer. I LOVE the cleanser, you first put it on dry and smooth it over your skin. Then you wet your fingertips and continue to massage into the skin and it foams up. However, I find that that it is too harsh to use daily. I use 2-3 times per week.

    The moisturizer is interesting. I didn’t like it at first because it made my skin look greasy and shiny after use. However, I kept using it for my night time moisturizer and I noticed when I woke up in the morning my skin was soft and smooth, and the greasy residue was gone.

    I started using it for my morning moisturizer and found that after I apply my primer, the shiny-ness disappeared.

    I give it a 4.5 out of 5!


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