Harajuku Lovers Jingle G

Rumor is that Jingle G is the last of the Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Collection.

Gawd, I hope not.

Jump ahead for more pics!

Jingle G, Jingle G, Jingle G all da way…

Jingle G is a warm, cozy fragrance, this fruity-oriental scent with white star fruit, gardenia, tangerine, orange blossom, vanilla, cedarwood, and a whole lot of festive fun bottled up in a G bedecked Holiday bottle….!

Dontcha just want it?

I surely hope Jingle G isn’t the last of the girls but I’m noticing that the Harajuku Collection has been popping up on sale everywhere lately, not only the fragrances but also the accessories, purses, etc…could this be an end of all that kawaii awesome?

This Muse surely hopes not.

I’ll haul her Jingle G-ness for the Holidays but if you can’t wait she’s available now at Sephora.com

  • 9/16/11 12:25 Sarah S.:

    well the bags and such have been on sale at sephora.com for over a year, so let’s hope that’s a sign they’re not going anywhere!


  • 9/16/11 16:23 kimkats:

    Dang I wish a person could buy just the little “doll” packaging! Not much of a scent wearer, but those lil gals are adorable! I may koff up the sheckels for this one just b/c she’s so cute!


  • 9/17/11 14:15 Kate:

    This better not be the last one! I LOVE this line!! Seriously! Best scents ever…I didn’t even buy it just for the bottle! xD


  • 9/18/11 2:32 christine:

    i relay hope this isnt the end for harajuku lovers :(


  • 11/4/11 6:52 Kay:

    I am afraid to say that Harajuku is going in 2012, so sad to see the range go and yes jingle g is the last one :(


    • 11/4/11 8:08 the Muse:

      aw sad sigh!


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