Hello Kitty Noir Collection for Holiday 2011

Sephora has updated it’s Hello Kitty Beauty Collection for Holiday 2011 to include some very cute color palettes and cosmetics but there are also some fabulously glam accessories releasing for the Holiday Season!

Take a look!

Hello Kitty Beauty Bling Compact Mirror $35
A collectible compact mirror “blinged out” with tiny crystal jewels.

Hello Kitty Noir Compact Mirror $18

Hello Kitty Noir Paddle Brush $30
A metallic silver paddle brush in the shape of Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Beauty Noir Wide Tooth Comb $12
A metallic silver wide-tooth comb in the shape of Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Beauty Noir Makeup Bag Collection $25-$32

Gorgeous isn’t it?

I’m loving the ruby element in some of the pieces of both the color and accessory part of the collection!

Hello Kitty Beauty is sold exclusively at Sephora and Sephora.com

  • 9/23/11 11:53 Sarah S.:

    Ooh, that red!


  • 9/23/11 15:39 donna:

    that comb is awesome!


  • 9/23/11 16:34 Shirin:

    i am sooooo sad!!! no shipping to europe….


  • 9/23/11 22:53 christine:

    gotta have them all omg!


  • 9/24/11 8:14 Maria:

    Is it bad that I need that compact mirror (either one really) just so I can whip it out when I’m refreshing my make up out in public and watch my friends go “Ooooooohhh….. Ahhhhhhhh……”? ^_^


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