Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye

I’m just hitting the bottom of my Super by Dr. Perricone Super Bright Eyed with Melon Carotenoids Eye Cream. I’m so proud of myself for actually finishing a product, when you’re a beauty junkie it proves difficult at times, I may throw a party. You’re all invited!

As much as I love Super Bright Eyed I have a responsibility to myself to purchase something new even though this has been working quite nicely for my AM eye cream.

My next venture?

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye!


For the record Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate did nothing for me. Don’t get me wrong it does ease dryness some but the entire, “I’m going to make you look years younger overnight” simply didn’t do it for me.

But no worries, I have no hard feelings and I’m willing to check out their new Midnight Recovery Eye Cream.

According to Kiehl’s it’ll go to town on fine lines while reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. It contains a mix of natural ingredients and essential oils.

Will it work?

Well…with Midnight Recovery Concentrate’s track record I’m keeping my excitement to a minimal but I’m willing to give it a whirl.

What about you?

Every use the Concentrate?

Whatcha think?

Wanna try the eye cream?

Share it!

Available now for $36 at

  • 9/15/11 10:16 Tracy:

    OMG Muse, I might as well have written this post because it’s exactly how I feel ! I am always looking forward to finish a product, which is rare and I definitely should be more loyal to the products that actually work for me. But no because the excitement of shopping for new stuff is too awesome ! I have 3/4 of the Kiehls store on my counter and Midnight serum did nothing to me too. Smell was weird. But I will definitely try this eye cream ! Can’t wait !


    • 9/15/11 10:20 the Muse:

      ha tracy ;-D I hear ya. I’m the same. I really should stay true to what works but I’m constantly curious about what can work better lol! ;-D Midnight Serum was such a bust! I was so hyped about it and I really see no difference after use, but the eye cream I’m giving props too…WANT ;-D


  • 9/15/11 10:23 Nia:

    Oh, interesting. Did not try the concentrate, but everyone is raving.
    Too many raves always make me suspicious. I need to check if this is already out here.


    • 9/15/11 10:34 the Muse:

      dunno about those raves lol ;-D I def didn’t see any improvement.


  • 9/15/11 10:26 Pilar:

    Please let me know how this works…I’m currently looking for a GREAT eye cream (I have 2young kids, so I have dark circles and bags) right now I’m trying out sample from Origins and using Aveno eye cream at night. Thanks again for all you do!! XOXOXO


    • 9/15/11 10:59 the Muse:

      will do pilar! searching my counter for it later today! aw shucks thanks for visiting!!!!!!!! XOXOXO!


  • 9/15/11 12:38 the beauty alchemist:

    I had great results with the serum and I was worried it would be too oily for me but I loved it. I onloy use it in winter though . I am really excited for this eye cream. I love a good eye cream, I love Kiehls……


    • 9/15/11 12:41 the Muse:

      works great as a re-hydrator D but as far as the other miracles it claims, well, def not happening. Promises overnight OMG results…but really all it does is offer a very nice moisturizing benefit but outside of this not going to erase fine lines, renew skin, etc….as promised. :( or at least not for me.


      • 9/16/11 21:25 the beauty alchemist:

        I seemed brighter the AM after using it. More “awake” . as far as renewing etc, well didn’t use it day after day to see how that went, but yes not so sure on that front.


  • 9/15/11 13:57 autonomous:

    There is a code going on at kiehl’s right now!!!


    get’s you deluxe samples of rosa artica and fine lines thing
    plus an extra midnight recovery concentrate sample
    + still get your 3 free samples
    + shipping free for > $50
    with any midnight recovery purchase…

    Swear I am not a sales rep, just wanted to let you know since you were looking into the product. I myself just got the concentrate to try it out plus all the goodies. I love my naruko stuff for night time.


    • 9/15/11 14:04 the Muse:

      thanks auto!


  • 9/15/11 16:43 Shirin:

    i personally love the concentrate and have been using it every night since february. I love it !!! My skin looks much brighter and radiant, it has definately improved. And it of course is excellent against any kind of dryness. I love the smell of it aswell. And yes, i really want to try the eye cream!


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