Kleenex Not Just For Snotty Little Noses Anymore!

Kleenex, ahhh….as common as chicken noodle soup for our colds.

But Kleenex is spicing things up across the pond with a new range of products that just aren’t for your snotty little nose!


Kleenex is introducing a new range of line of products for beauty junkies that includes Facial Cleansing Wipes, Eye Makeup Removal Wipes, Facial Clothes, and even Blotting Sheets.

According to the brand, they are making a return to their roots as the original line of tissues was marketed to the beauty section in the 20’s as a way of removing cleansing creams and makeup.

The facial clothes are supposed to be a unique item that are softer and later than regular brands provide so they work at removing facial masks, creams, lotions, and potions!

Sounds cool eh?

Sadly, no word on the North American release but these are available now in England and other parts of Europe.

If they launch stateside would you be interested in trying them out?

  • 9/7/11 21:42 Cait:

    If these came to the U.S. I’d definitely try them out…..I’m betting since they’re Kleenex brand they’d (hopefully) be pretty cheap.


  • 9/8/11 0:19 Roze:

    oh darn! i’m just in love with those masquerade masks on the packaging too. i would have totally bought them. CX


  • 9/8/11 8:19 kiwikiwidragon:

    Sign me up!! I am always on the lookout for a soft cloth like these. My skin actually irritates from too much wiping, especially around the eyes.


  • 9/8/11 10:25 Kari:

    We already have Kleenex blotting sheets here. They work as well as any other blotting sheet on the market and is a pretty purple with prints on one side :)


  • 9/8/11 10:56 Majick:

    For me I would say probably not but I’ll have to see when they actually come out. I don’t need blotting sheets anymore and I use a Clarisonic for cleaning. Any type of mask removal, etc. I use a washcloth – it’s a lot greener. TIssues are great but I really think we create way to much garbage.


  • 9/8/11 22:00 spifftiff88:

    def would try, kleenex is so soft and i imagine would feel great on the face


  • 9/9/11 22:01 Jia:

    I saw these things yesterday at Watsons! I bought their blotting paper. Packaging ia a bit diff here tho!


  • 9/9/11 22:51 Mallory:

    I want to try them! Why does everything get released everywhere else but here?! =(


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