Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes Palette Deep Beige Photos

Makeup pr0n anyone?

Here’s another of the new Lunasol Palettes I hauled from Fall that arrived from Japan recently!


I haven’t tried these yet but hope to have a review up shortly. Pretty delicious right?

If you missed the original photo post of the other palettes you can see it here.

  • 9/9/11 11:23 kiwikiwidragon:

    I have been lemming these since you mentioned them of few days ago. They are beyond gorgeous. If they were $50 a piece I might haul, but I am kinda choking on the $68 are they less anywhere else then Imomoko?


    • 9/9/11 12:01 the Muse:

      sorry kiwi :( only imomoko…everywhere else is about the same. retail is $62 in japan, 5,000 yen le sigh!


      • 9/9/11 12:48 kiwikiwidragon:

        ahh…bummer, i do have someone going to japan soon and I thought I was going to score…DH is going to take me to Sephora tomorrow so I get to sooth the savage beast another way, lol!! Whoo Hoo!!


        • 9/9/11 12:57 the Muse:

          if you’re going to japan you can seek out drugstores that have it on sale at 30% off ;-D that helps! ha…! good! that always helps!!!!!! ;-D!


  • 9/9/11 18:18 Mara:

    Ooh, I’m tempted to haul this, but the limited edition Dior Mitzah 5 Couleurs e/s palette ($60) is calling my name. What to do, what to do…


  • 9/9/11 22:36 Mallory:

    I hope it’s good because I’m in love with the colors!


  • 9/10/11 12:55 whitney:

    I NEED this, Oh man, I’m 8 months preggerz and I can’t afford to be buying these on ebay :(
    I need a friend from Japan too :(


  • 9/10/11 20:14 Marty:

    I just got my pallets this week and they are great, I used my largest eyeshadow brush carefully on the three shades on the lower right to get the same effect as the L’Oreal Studio secrets one sweep shadows.
    Post how you use it soon.


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