Lush Cosmetics Dirty Soap and Lush Soap

Well, Lush’s new Dirty Soap and Lust Soap is kinda sorta lookin’ like a big old eraser hey? Back to School time.


Lust Soap £3.95
Fragranced with Lust perfume back from those old B Never days.

Dirty Soap £3.95
Spearmint, thyme, tarragon, oakmoss, sandalwood

I’m always happy when Lush decides to bring back fragrances from B Never. I hold hope alive they’ll bring back my beloved Keep It Fluffy but until that time I’ll settle on getting Dirty with a bit of Lust.

Available now from Lush UK (they ship to the US).

  • 9/16/11 20:49 Eve:

    Mmm that dirty soap sounds like it will smell so good!


  • 9/16/11 23:39 catazure:

    Have you seen the new ‘secret’ products? Those two soaps were shown along with quite a few other products – including a dry shampoo (Drought) and body cream (Ro’s Argan) that I ordered.
    I am excited to get these two!

    What is your opinion on the scent of Dirty?


  • 9/17/11 7:11 Jessica:

    I LOVE the dirty scent, can’t wait to get the soap!


  • 9/18/11 10:54 Joy August:

    The soap looks ugly but for sure the fragrance will be stand out..hmmmm


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