Lush Cosmetics Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

Argan Eyeshadow, argan serum, argan eyeliner, argan blush…


Enough with the Argan already.

Maybe not because Lush has a new Argan Body Conditioner. I’ll let Lush get away with it!


This one is packed full of ingredients to nourish the skin like, you guessed it, argan oil! Plus cocoa butter, cupuaçu butter, brazil nut oil, almond oil and fair trade shea butter to get you nice and moisturizer and the best part? Rose Jam scent, the newest scent from Lush!

Count me curious about all this Rose Jam stuff, sounds positively gorgeous!

Argan oil, is a rare oil produced only in Morocco, is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids which is supposedly has excellent anti-aging benefits!

I’m an ickle tired of the flow of argan products lately but I’m all about it if it comes in a chubby pot by Lush.

Whatcha think?

Available now from Lush UK (they ship worldwide).

  • 9/20/11 11:59 Courtney:

    I’m all for trying this. I use Moroccan Oil for my hair but that’s about the only argan I do. It does defrizz my hair and make it silky soft. I bet this will be great for winter skin.


  • 9/20/11 13:54 Jamie:

    Argan oil is definitely a craze these days. I love using it on my skin and hair because it absorbs so easily and moisturizes so well.


  • 9/20/11 17:18 Resa:

    Argan Oil seriously can’t be that rare if it’s showing up in everything!


    • 9/21/11 22:16 Comrade Garlic:

      I was going to say the same thing.


    • 5/31/12 7:03 Cella:

      That’s because companies figured out a way to get a cheaper version of Argan oil. Most companies use the oil extracted from the dirt around the Argan tree. It’s not the actual oil from the fruit, but all the stuff from the dirt.


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