Lush Cosmetics Rose Jam, Yuzu and Coco, Green Bubbleroon

Admit it, there’s something awesome about a product called Bobbleroon!


Bubbleroons are basically a bubble bar slice with a bit of a new name eh? Simply crumble it up under your running bath water and poof instant bubble fun!

There are three Bubbleroons to choose from:

Rose Jam £2.95
This smells of roses, with the sweetness of jam.

Yuzu and Coco £2.95
A rich warm fragrance of cocoa absolute and tonka. Light grapefruit and bergamot oils create a relaxing bath!

Green £3.25
A foaming, meadow-sweet bath of grass and orange flower.

Word has it Rose Jam is amazing lovely so I have my eye on it as well as Y&C but I can probably skip out on Green…not sure I’m so into it.


All three are available now from Lush UK (they ship to the US).

  • 9/16/11 20:50 Eve:

    Damn, these make me wish I had a better bathtub… :(


  • 9/17/11 11:45 diane:

    the best way to use the lush bubble bars to get maximum bubbles- run em through a cheese grater so they become finely milled!! then swirl the heck out of the water! hehehe


  • 9/17/11 13:51 Kate:

    Omg Rose Jam! Must try! xD


  • 9/17/11 18:20 Donna:

    I ordered all three, among other things. I’m most excited about the Yuzu one. The girls on the IF are calling them bumaroons. Haha

    ANXIOUSLY awaiting the Halloween stuff!!!


    • 9/19/11 16:33 the Muse:

      bumaroons lol donna ;-D I HOPEEEEEEEEEEE Calacas Shower Gel releases! please god please!


  • 9/19/11 10:55 Andrea:

    Definitely want to try Yuzu and Coco! I just recently tried my first Bubble Bar, and I’m already in love.


  • 9/19/11 11:45 Charisse:

    For some reason I love Lush more during the colder months. I guess because I use the tub more. Will def be checking these out!


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