MAC Art of Powder Optical Bronzer Review, Swatches, Photos

One of the most exciting releases from MAC recently would be their Art of Powder Collection which includes three limited edition powders for eyes, face, and cheeks.

The interesting designs of each powder should make them an instant want for collector’s however I’m finding the quality proves a little finicky on most of these.

Let’s take a peek at Optical Bronzer and see what the good word is.

MAC Optical Bronzer is a bronzer with gold pearl and neon pink zig zags. The design, as you can see, is quite funky and cool. The palette size is about that of the newer MAC quads and really it simply appears as if they popped the pans out of one and replaced it with a powder as they are the same size and design.

In order for me to indulge in bronzer I normally start with a cheek stain and apply bronzer on top or I apply bronzer and apply some brighter blush to get the effect of a bronze-y flush rather than a full on muddy bronze look. I don’t particularly love bronzers but I’ve grown to at the very least like them.

The exciting part about Optical Bronzer is it takes my idea of combining muddy bronzer with a shot of neon pink. The visual effect is gorgeous and instantly I had visions of a cool flush of pink on my cheeks with just the right sunny glow.

The reality is the bronzer is just that, bronzer. Sadly, I get none of the brilliant pink here and overall, a simple, matte brown bronzer…muddy if you will. To say I was disappointed that the neon pink didn’t show up is an understatement.

The formula blends easily with a silky fine finish however pigmentation isn’t wow aspiring so you’re looking at subtle color pay off that builds a bit but not crazily. The powder does kick up a fair amount of powder when you use a bushier brush so just be prepared and hold it away from you as you apply to avoid it ending up on your clothes.

Overall, I found Optical Bronzer a sore disappointment. After much testing in various ways I was unable to get a single bit of that gorgeous pink to come through..


P.S. At $38 I find it a little pricey for MAC.

MAC Art of Powders will be available on September 29th, 2011.

Will you be hauling them?


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  • 9/15/11 12:18 Mercedes:

    aww that’s sad! it looks pretty on your hand though, maybe it will work slightly better on warmer tones like mine, i’ll have to see when it comes out :)


  • 9/15/11 12:48 Sarah S.:

    Aww :( It would be so pretty if you could get that bright pink… I’ll just be admiring these from afar! I think they’re in the don’t touch, just look category.


  • 9/15/11 20:03 Tammie:

    The worst part is that the pink is an overspray! I feel like oversprays are false advertising..what is the point????


  • 9/16/11 7:33 Maria:

    Out of all three powders, this was the one I was considering getting. I thought it might work on my skin tone, but if the pink doesn’t show up then I can’t use it as a blush/bronzer and it’s too orangy/light brown for me to use for contour sooooo….no buy for me. Too bad these powders didn’t work out, they really are too pretty.


    • 9/16/11 8:59 the Muse:

      maria they are nice looking but that’s about the extent of it, save your money!


  • 9/17/11 1:18 Nicky:

    luv the design for all of art of powder but i’m interested in this bronzer particularly. well maybe i shoulda stick to my nars laguna and save my $38 because i’m mac nc25 girl and i’m not this bronzer gonna look good for myh skin tone, sadly


  • 10/1/11 0:04 Beauty and the Scientist:

    Very pretty and the design of this collection is gorgeous but I don’t think I can part with $38 at this time :(


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