MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara

MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara is MAC’s newest mascara launching in October.

Here’s a look!

Intensely inky, this lightweight, innovative mousse-like formula saturates lashes in a carbon-black pigment that promises the deepest, darkest, richest look imaginable with full long-lasting coverage. Each stroke of the unique double-lush brush creates vixen volume and lift by filling in sparse lashes, magnifying and multiplying magnificently. Long-wearing polymers quickly coat from root to tip, keeping lashes supple and flexible – never brittle.

MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Black will be $19 and available October 6, 2011 at MAC counters and online at

Will you haul?

  • 9/23/11 11:39 Sarah S.:

    Ok, first of all I LOVE the promo image! Model’s rockin’ the geek glasses! Second of all, beautiful tube! ’bout time mascara got the cute packaging treatment, don’t you think so, Muse? Third, LOL the promo copy seems to be evoking every successful drugstore mascara of the past two years (“mousse-like”, “carbon-black”)… definitely want to try this 😀


    • 9/23/11 11:48 the Muse:

      sarah mac already released this tube before :-) but yup def love it! love the glasses today, I concur!


      • 9/23/11 11:52 Sarah S.:

        Ooh, I thought it looked like Marcel Wanders (sp) but I wasn’t sure


        • 9/23/11 11:59 the Muse:

          *nods* spot on :) and I think after that as well…entitled False Lashes Black Mascara (they added in extreme LOL)


  • 9/23/11 16:19 jackieg02:

    I’m not interested in the mascara at all….I’m loving the lipstick in the promo image!


  • 9/23/11 19:20 Sarah:

    Love. Some might say I’m as mascara junkie….gotta have it all. If my lashes look like hers..and my skin…and my liner…and my blush…and my lips….wait where I was i? =P Need this!


  • 9/24/11 3:28 MereMakeupManiac:

    i wanna try it!!!


  • 9/24/11 6:40 Viki:

    I tried the original False Lashes before but didn’t work for me…wonder if this is any different…

    BUT OH MY! I love the blush and lipstick the model have on!


  • 9/24/11 7:56 SJ:

    :( could they pleeeeeease not use fake lashes in just one mascara advertisement, one day? for me? pweeeeeease?


  • 9/24/11 11:27 meghan:

    The sweet pink lip/cheek look are KILLING ME but what I love more than anything is THOSE GLASSES! Oooh girl.


  • 9/24/11 16:43 Isis:

    clearly no one in mac’s marketing department wears glasses, the sound of your false lashes squeking on the lenses as you blink is intensely annoying. ..Yes I speak from experience. I use this as my mascara testing procedure, so far only mally has made my lashes hit my lenses


  • 9/24/11 22:19 Blair:

    Certainly looks very promising! :) Love the packaging, the handle is super cute.


  • 9/25/11 23:10 Caty:

    Eh, call me a skeptic, but that brush looks just like the ones I buy at Sally’s to groom my brows. Guess the magic must be in the formula. I may give this a try. The packaging is sucking me in.


  • 9/26/11 14:13 Wendy A.:

    This image looks beautiful can’t remember one “pretty” campaign since the lauch of the cremesheen glass collection.


  • 9/26/11 14:42 Barb:

    I love the lipstick color in the promo image. I want it!


  • 9/27/11 14:57 Torontostar:

    Ok I just bought false lashes the first version…and I’m SO not impressed! I’ve gotten better volume from Loreal and rimmels, I was hoping this would be my Hg but alas…the journey for a perfect mascara continues! Ps..I get annoyed when the model is CLEArly wearing falsies…in a mascara ad o_O no BEUNO


  • 12/7/11 10:03 p powers:

    where can i find the black frame glasses the model in this ad is wearing.


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