MAC Posh Paradise Paint Pot Review, Swatches, Photos

Dude, I totes started out my Paint Pot life hating ’em.


But I’m all about ’em since their original release three or so years ago. I actually like them now and seek them out. It’s hard changing my mind once it’s made up about a product so count this a one as a mile stone.

MAC Posh Paradise sees the release of eight limited edition shades of Paint Pots. Fans of the product should be very excited.

Check ’em!


MAC Posh Paradise launches officially today and is available at as well as on counter.

MAC Paint Pots are definitely a gem of a product as they make an excellent base for pigments and eyeshadow. If you like a more vibrant, bolder shadow look these should appeal as they create a super base for pigments/shadow to adhere to and amp color up the max while doing so. I find they wear very well without budging, fading, or creasing plus the short dry down time is just enough to allow me to blend out perfectly but not stay “wet” for too long resulting in a botched up eye look. Although they are housed in a glass jar I’ve never had issues with the product hardening or going bad even though this was a fear of mine when they originally released the product. So long as you screw them tightly you shouldn’t have any issue with the product formula going off. I find they are creamy yet have a certain “hardness” as well that allows you to build easily.

The shades I tried were:

  • Imaginary: An ickle scary. This is what MAC dubs a blackened navy but honey, it’s all about the purple. I’d like to say I can totally rock it but it’s a bit too bold for me particularly since my eyes are older now and I can’t quite work it. The color should appeal to those who enjoy blackened shades of purple and violet.
  • Treasure Hunt: Another unique shade…this is a buttery gold…it has a beautiful golden reflection when you tilt the jar…I imagine this will work with greens as well as sunset shades like copper, bronze, etc….
  • Nubile: My second favorite shade in the batch of colors I tried. This one a is a nude, fleshy peach which will make an excellent base for piggies as it’ll prevent fall out, intensify colors, or simply work as an all over color wash for brightening up tired looking lids.
  • Genuine Treasure: Truly a treasure as this is probably one of the only Paint Pots I know of with this much shimmer. I love it! It’s a brassy taupe-y gold that needs a little extra help to get into place correctly but well worth the extra effort as it casts a beautifully shimmer glow on lids. Loves it and I’m imaging it’ll sell out super fast.

Overall, formula remains consistent here with a creamy base that blends easily and wears long. The only shade you might run into issues with is Genuine Treasure but the shade is so pretty that I believe it’s worth the extra effort.

Three years ago I would say nay, nay, nay to MAC Paint Pots but I have to slap a Muse Approval on these. Posh Paradise is turning up some very pretty shades that should be apart of your collection particularly if you use loose shadow formulas such as minerals and pigments as they minimize fall out and intensity colors.


Which shades will you haul?


This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 9/15/11 11:56 Brooke:

    I got Treasure Hunt, Genuine Treasure and Idyllic, but I’m totally lemming Nubile! Headed to the mall tomorrow to hopefully love it as much in person too!


    • 9/15/11 12:10 the Muse:

      brooke I recommend it, very nice shade ;-D lmk if you get it!


  • 9/15/11 12:47 Laci:

    Half-Wild arrived today. I may have to pick up Genuine Treasure at my counter. 😀


  • 9/15/11 20:24 Mary the Muse Militant:

    Oh WOW I love Paint Pots.
    Can’t wait to get the darker shades and that Imaginary you have looks gorgeous.
    The Nubile one reminds me of Coral Crepe – love that one too.
    Will be looking at the other purple and plum shades when they arrive here.


  • 9/15/11 21:26 Victoria:

    I want Nubile so bad, but I wont be able to get to the nearest MAC store for at least a couple weeks (its a couple hours away). Hope they still have some left! Its the only thing I’m really wanting from this collection.


  • 9/15/11 22:59 Melody:

    Nubile looks lovely against your skin! I bet it would turn orange on me :(. Thanks for the swatches. I’d been iffy on Treasure Hunt, but I can see that it’s too yellow for me.


    • 9/19/11 16:42 the Muse:

      my pleasure melody ;-D!


  • 9/15/11 23:32 Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex:

    Paint Pots are great products, but I just don’t reach for mine that often :( I should though!


  • 9/16/11 3:44 Nia:

    Is Nubile as thick as Painterly? That’s why I hate Painterly.
    Imaginary looks great, looking forward to this, the gold colors are not my cup of tea, but they are nice in the pot.
    Will you get any more paint pots from the collection?


    • 9/16/11 10:12 the Muse:

      ’bout the same texture Nia….! Not sure yet but I’m going to say yes probably at least two more I’ll buy! :)


  • 9/16/11 13:04 Monica:

    Omg, I’m obsessed with Imaginary. That color is GORGEOUS!!!


  • 9/18/11 19:27 theRothstanator:

    Genie Treasure definitely looks interesting.


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