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  • 9/21/11 10:59 Majick:



    • 9/21/11 11:03 the Muse:

      LMAO majick!!!!!


  • 9/21/11 11:10 Majick:

    Since I have your attention at the moment, and we both have TONS of stuff, if you just won 2 $25 GC for Sephora would you:
    a.) just buy the mariposa and crush sat lippie
    b.) pick out something more frivolous
    c.) save it for F&F and get $70 worth of stuff instead
    d.) what is your choice of the MUST HAVE right now?

    Since I won these I’m afraid of losing them or having them not work and then it be too late to get it corrected. Yes, truth… they are burning a hole in my pocket.


    • 9/21/11 16:40 the Muse:

      wait for FF! ;-D totally would wait for FF ;-D

      Right now I want the TokiDoki Holiday palettes and Hello Kitty Holiday 2011 ;-D I’d wait for FF if I were you!


      • 9/22/11 11:17 Majick:

        ha ha – Funny, I didn’t do anything yesterday and just kind of let my mind not obsess so much.

        I’m tot waiting for F&F! Great minds… it just takes me a little longer sometimes.

        I’m not even sure if I want the Mariposa anymore. Only one of the colors is a dup for me but I have so many freaking palettes that I think I may have to force myself to wait for something “really” new. KWIM?


        • 9/23/11 14:53 the Muse:

          lol majick I hear ya how can we not obsess makeup right?!

          I can’t wait for FF! ;-D I’m kinda meh on mariposa tbh! :-/


          • 9/23/11 14:58 Majick:

            Yeah, sometimes if I wait long enough I don’t want it anymore. On to bigger and better…
            OMG – I just checked out the new Tarte Multipleyes Liquid Liner – it’s like a sharpie marker for your eyes. Really pigmented and SMOOTH. Only played on the hand because (waiting for F&F LOL) but it’s amazing.
            Have a great weekend. I had trouble accessing your blog today for some reason. Got a bad gateway error whatever that means.

  • 9/21/11 14:40 Isis:

    oh that takes me back to primary school, I Loved it.


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