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Bobbi Brown Rich Color Eye Shadow Swatches

As you know Bobbi has a new range of Rich Color Eye Shadows that she has added to her catalog. These shadows are a creamy powder that promises excellent color payoff with a soft press technology that allows the natural waxes in the formula to melt into the formula giving the powder a creamy feel.

Let’s peek some swatches!


Open Thread Volume 5: The Long, Looming Weekend Ahead

Open Thread is a time we can all gather together and discuss our week, our life, our new favorite makeup, a current purchase…anything! That’s why it’s open thread, it’s the option to discuss makeup or anything else on your mind! It’s a time I can talk to you and you can talk to me and hopefully you’ll talk to each other too!

It’s Open Thread Day!

That means we can kick back, share a cuppa, and chat it up.

We got a long weekend ahead of us thanks to Labor Day. I’m going away, how about you? Any special plans? BBQ? Shopping?

Can you believe we are already in September? This is crazy! I’m full on Fall mode and I’m ready to start celebrating Halloween even though it’s two months away…!

I’m also pretty excited about the release of Beautiful Chaos the next installment in the Beautiful Creatures series. Have you read any of the prior books? Def add them to your TBRP (to be read pile).

We have Fall shows to look forward to as well like the return of Chuck, Supernatural (I def need to stop reading fan fiction, the bro-love stories make me laugh a little too hard), and Walking Dead plus some newer shows I wanna catch like American Horror Story.

I guess that’s it from me for now!

Chat it up ladies….doesn’t have to be about books or telly…say anything!

Talk to you in the comment box soonish!


Nuance Salma Hayek Eye Quad Review, Swatches, Photos

Props to Nuance Salma Hayek for ultra chic packaging on their eye quad. I was expecting it to be inscribed with “Open at the Close” somewhere but sadly, I didn’t see that. Did yours say it?

Dunno why but this also brought back my beginnings in blogging and one of my older posts about the Lancome Mystery Game Collection. Must be the packaging….!

Let’s take a look at the Nuance Salma Hayek Beautiful Blends Eye Quad and see if what’s inside is as cool as the outside.



Peter Thomas Roth De-Spot

Out, out damn spot!

Peter Thomas Roth De-Spot is the latest treatment product to hit the shelves with the promise of reversing dark spots.

Does it work?



Pixi Beauty Fall 2011 Collection

Pixi Beauty Fall 2011 Collection probably has the largest product release this season among Target’s house brands. They also have not only color cosmetics but a new interesting primer.

Let’s take a look!