Shiseido Sea Breeze UV Cut & Jelly SPF 25 Review, Swatches, Photos

I didn’t realize it when I purchased it but Shiseido Sea Breeze UV Cut & Jelly SPF 25 actually has some sort of bug repellent built in? Don’t ask…! I’ve no idea what that’s all about but the good news would be it’s a rather nifty little SPF if you’re looking for something simple for Winter SPF protection.

Check it!

A liquid SPF 25 with sun protection and bug repellent built right in!

I really don’t know alot about the bug repellent side of this SPF but I will say I thought it was rather funny it was included in the mix of things. So long as this doesn’t bother you I think you might just enjoy this simple yet effective SPF.

Now that the Summer sun is long gone…I can start using lower SPF levels as I’m not outside as much, the sun isn’t as strong, etc…so SPF 25-30 is plenty to protect my skin versus the 50-100 I prefer in the Summer.

Sea Breeze UV Cut & Jelly SPF 25 is a runny gel formula that absorbs into the skin easily and leaves a cool, refreshing feel. It absorbs super fast so you aren’t left with a dewy, sticky, or tacky feel. It has lightweight finish and feels barely there at all. Just right for Winter considering many of my staple moisturizers and serums are richer in the Winter months and I don’t need a heavy SPF added to the mix of things. The product is available in Berry, Soap, Citrus, and Green Apple scents. I picked up the Berry but for the most part it smells sort of like a medicine-y menthol with a very subtle berry back note. I don’t mind the scent but some might be sensitive to this so be aware prior to applying on your face (this can be used on face or body). The squeeze tube has a small nozzle that drizzles out just the right amount of product for mess-free application.

After application there is a cool, refreshing tingling feel, kinda like the Sea Breeze Astringent feeling. I find it pleasant but those with sensitive skin, again, might want to be aware during application.

The scent and tingling feel might prove too much for sensitive types.

Not sure how I feel about having a bug repellent in my SPF but it sure does keep things interesting I guess.

This is available in Japan so online shopping is a necessary evil to obtain yourself a bottle.

  • Those seeking a quick absorbing SPF for winter months.
  • Those wanting a multitasking bug repellent and SPF in one (I’m sure there is someone out there who thought “hey, wish I had an SPF with a bug repellent in it!).

  • Those with sensitive skin.
  • Those who prefer in store shopping (since the product is available within Japan you’ll have to shop it online).

I could definitely do without the bug repellent here and I’d probably totally buy another bottle of Shiseido Sea Breeze UV Cut & Jelly SPF 25 if they did away with that part of the formula. This is a quick absorbing SPF that leaves behind a refreshing feel. It works a treat at protecting my skin with an SPF level 25 however…the repellent part of the formula does turn me off. I’ll use this up but probably wouldn’t repurchase……

Likey, but the bug thing is a killjoy.

What do you think?

SPF and bug repellent? Yay or nay?

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This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 9/27/11 22:36 Fadburger:

    Guess bugs aren’t the only things it repels 😛


  • 9/28/11 0:51 Haruka:

    Where did you hear that it contains insect repellent? The packaging doesn’t say anything about repelling bugs (I know Japanese). Its ingredient list is nothing out of the ordinary either, nothing that is effective as a bug repellent, natural or synethetic.


    • 9/28/11 9:26 the Muse:

      hi haruka a reader of mine was telling me that it contains something to repel bugs…….if it doesn’t I’m quite happy with the formula ;-D


  • 9/28/11 10:55 Cj:

    Bug repelent can’t be good for your face…


  • 9/28/11 12:32 JCz:

    I guess I’m not familiar with these brands…what does “UV cut & jelly” mean?
    Put the word “jelly” in a cosmetic’s name, and I’m instantly intrigued!


    • 9/28/11 12:34 the Muse:

      jcz no idea ;-D The way things are translated comes out mighty strange sometimes like Aube Shower Eyes…lol! the translation is goofy!


      • 9/28/11 12:37 JCz:

        Muse, did you ever watch the original Japanese versions of Iron Chef where it was all in Japanese and translated by a moderator? Those translations were often really comical (and sometimes kinda dirty – LOL!)


        • 9/28/11 13:12 the Muse:

          eyes JC LOL ;-D seriously lost in translation sometimes ;-D It’s quite funny how these things come across!


  • 9/28/11 19:27 E.:

    Ah, this is perfect! I had one I was using in Peru but it was too liquidy. I’d love to try this one out.


  • 8/12/12 5:06 Danica:

    Can you buy SeaBreeze in the Philippines?


  • 8/24/13 11:13 leothe:

    my frend got me one from japan.nothng here in the phil.


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