Sleek Makeup Oh So Special Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

What can I say? The Sleek Makeup Oh So Special i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette it’s OH SO SPECIAL!

I’m loving nudes and naturals in my makeup life lately. Yeah, somewhere down the road, I got boring…sorry kids, but it’s all about the nudes for me and the Sleek Makeup Oh So Special Palette brings it to the table and does it well.


Check it!

A 12 pan mineral eyeshadow palette!

From what I understand the Sleek Makeup Oh So Special Palette was created for Sephora (not within the US) but was later released as a standard part of the Sleek Makeup Collection. Thank god this isn’t LE as I can easily see myself hitting pan on some of these shades.

Some of the perks of Sleek Makeup Palettes are the variety in such a smaller, travel friendly palette plus the budget price tag. At $12.60 you can’t complain about the quality, presentation, and overall performance of this palette. It’s a Fall must have in my humblest, you NEED it. Browns, subtle pinks, creams, and beiges all make up a killer palette for warm, rich eye looks for Fall or anytime.

As I mentioned above part of the awesome that is Sleek would be the great packaging. The i-Divine Palettes are a slim line case that will fit easily into your makeup bag and travel safely. Inside you’ll find twelve wells of shadow and a full size mirror. Each palette features a sponge applicator and shadow wells that are about the size of a quarter.

Some of the i-Divines I own from past collections do not have shadow names however the Oh So Special Palette has a name for each shadow.

You get:

  • Bow: (matte cream)
  • Organza (pale, dusty pink with a frosty shimmering finish)
  • Ribbon (Peachy pink matte)
  • Gift Basket (Bronzey brown shimmer)
  • Glitz (Pewter blu-ish gray)
  • Celebrate (Plum)
  • Pamper (Pale, peachy pink)
  • Gateau (Dusky light plum)
  • The Mail (Traditional beige nude)
  • Boxed (Chocolate brown matte)
  • Wrapped Up (Plum matte)
  • Noir (Pure black matte)

The colors are a nice mix of light to dark so you can go with a soft, subtle eye look or a deeper, sultry one. Six of the shades lean towards the lighter side and six towards the darker. I find Sleek does shadow formulas beautifully even when it comes to matte finishes. The mattes are finely milled, blend easily, and offer great color pay off but of course, the real joy is the more shimmering/frosty shades which have a buttery smooth velvet feel that blend beautifully on lids with full color pay off. These pigment rich eyeshadows are quite stunning for the price range and are on par with Stila Eyeshadows or dare I say even better! They wear very well without fading or creasing. Color remains true on lids even without the aid of a solid primer.

I dunno about you but I hate frosty finishes and Sleek Makeup i-Divines do come across a tad frosty. To prevent the frost from getting too crazy I make sure to apply a solid base on my eye and blend, blend, blend…this is key to taming the frostiness of some of the shades.

  • Anyone looking for a budget friendly palette with a variety of rich shadows plus some lighter ones.
  • Those who like Stila’s Eyeshadow formula (these have the same buttery, velvety feel).
  • Those wanting an easy to travel with palette with gorgeous natural and nude shades.

  • Those who aren’t keen on airmail, shopping online, etc..(Sleek Makeup is a UK brand which ships to the US).

Oh So Special really is quite special. I found the palette kept things light with sweet shades of universal peachy pink but also brought things into a more sophisticated sultry level with warm, rich browns and plums! The palette works either way to create a day or evening look. The shadow formula is a thrilling mix of buttery velvets and easy to blend mattes with excellent color pay off plus the budget friendly price tag is hard to overlook!

This one was a winner for me.

Loves it! Quite Muse Approved for purchase.

I think you’ll love it as much as I did!

Tried it?

Love it?

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Available from

Sleek Makeup ships to the US but shipping can be costly so I suggest pairing up with another makeup loving friend to split the cost or order a few items so you even up on the shipping!


This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 9/27/11 13:46 kiwikiwidragon:

    Hi ya Muse! Could you tell me if the Sleek makeup is made in China? Thanks! :)


    • 9/27/11 13:49 the Muse:

      yup jen! sorry forgot to mention it in the review!


      • 9/27/11 14:00 kiwikiwidragon:

        thanks bunches sweetie! Cherry Culture is having a 25% off sale on everything! FTW!!


        • 9/27/11 14:10 the Muse:

          I KNOW! ;-D NYX hauling ahead! hehe! my pleasure!


          • 9/27/11 14:23 S:

            Nyx is on Ideeli or Hautelook today! Btw, Muse, you look fabulous here :) thanks for all of your wonderful reviews!!

          • 9/27/11 14:37 the Muse:

            cheers thanks s! must go check out ideeli today ;-D aw thanks hun! You’re TOO kind!

          • 9/27/11 14:24 S:

            Sorry, just checked and it’s HauteLook!

  • 9/27/11 18:19 CC:

    Ah I love sleek palettes so much!


  • 9/27/11 19:08 Comrade Garlic:

    I love Sleek palettes. I swear I could use one for an entire week and not get bored. Oh So Special is frosty, which I’m not a huge fan of but using just one frosty color with darker matte shade as line works well. More than one frosty color together looks busy. Glitz makes a really great subtle cat eye when used dry.


  • 9/28/11 1:53 M:

    omg, I have to have this palette…


  • 9/28/11 9:12 JenJ:

    Several of their palettes have caught my eye, Hmmm….


  • 9/28/11 10:35 Majick:

    Looks like a great palette. Thanks for letting me know about the frost. Frosty kills it for me because it accentuates all the little crepe wrinkles. YIKIES!
    Mattes and satins (finely milled) works better as you age. Shimmers work too but it depends on the texture. KWIM?
    I LOVe that shade on your lid in the second pic. :-)


  • 9/28/11 23:20 diane:

    wow i LOVE this! look at all those pretty pinks! i just got the sleek acid divine off ebay which are super bright and fun but i like this palette for more neutral..i love the size of sleek palettes, so portable!


  • 9/29/11 6:50 kharanya:

    Do you know if this pallette is on their site? Those pink are so lovely, I’m tempted, but past pallette ingredients included some no-nos for me *pout*


  • 10/9/11 1:23 Pilar:

    NOOO!!!!! It’s sold out :( I want this so bad!! :((((


  • 9/15/14 16:44 Nishu:

    I’m sold too! This looks so good! Love the mix of colors


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