Stila Classic Beauty EyeShadow Palette

It’s ok to experience a little case of deja vu when peeking the new Stila Classic Beauty EyeShadow Palette because, yeah, it’s been done before, kinda…!

The new Stila Classic Beauty Eyeshadow Palette is a brand new color wheel design that Stila has brought out last year. Originally the palette was called “Stars in your Eyes” and available in Australia but later in North America with a new name, same palette.

This year, the palette is revised with cooler shades it seems and available exclusively at Ulta.

It includes 13 shades and is $22. Don’t quote me but it may even be an ickle cheaper compared to last year’s although at the moment I can’t recall the price on the prior version.

I’ll probably grab one up for review.

What do you think of repetitive Stila this year?

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