Stila Positive and Pretty Palette

The Stila Positive and Pretty Palette for Breast Cancer Awareness Month that I told you about a few days ago is available now on Stila’s website.

Done in the style of the Travel and Beach Girl Palettes this was created exclusively for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Take a peek!

A portion of the proceeds from this palette will go to breast cancer research and the betterment of women living with cancer but I’m not sure how much exactly goes to BCA.

It contains four shadows, cheek color, and a bronzer/highlighter. Sadly, Stila hasn’t listed the names of the shades.

It looks like a wearable shade selection of pretty pinks and cranberries.

Will you be picking it up?

Available now at

  • 9/29/11 13:53 jamie:

    Gotta love green beauty for a cause!


  • 9/29/11 14:51 kimkats:

    Hey Muse! I got an email about this today and they listed the colors in the email – shadows are Gift, Passion, Positive, Beauty. The blush is Pretty, and the bronzer/highlighter is Empower!

    Dunno if these are all “regular” colors for Stila, or if they’re just for this palette, but hope this helps a bit! :)


    • 9/29/11 15:01 the Muse:

      cheers thanks kim! totes helps ;-D


  • 9/30/11 2:33 Tina:

    I like this palette. Like the colors. Like the pricing. What I don’t like is “a portion of the the proceeds will go to breast cancer research”. How much is “a portion”? $1? $10? I would love for Stila to clarify this. I always buy BCA products every year, but I tend to choose those who give most or all of their proceeds to research. If I pay $14 for a product and only a small amount will go to research, I’d rather give the money directly to research instead!


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