Tarina Tarantino Beauty Aurora Collection for Holiday 2011

This is in itty bitty little sneak peek of the new Tarina Tarantino Beauty Aurora Collection for Holiday 2011. I don’t have official details but this little sneak peek comes from a look book I got of the recently revamped packaging on Tarina’s Beauty Collection.

Enjoy the sneak peek and I’ll update you soon with further details!

Whatcha think?

  • 9/22/11 20:01 Aretsuya:

    OMG! The previous Tarina Tarantino collections didn’t manage to get into my makeup collection, but this looks gorgeous! No offense to the cute neo-gothic style fans out there, but I don’t really go for that aesthetic. (Granted, TT’s line tempted me but I didn’t succumb…yet!) Oh I can’t wait to see more! ^_^


  • 9/22/11 20:09 Joyce:

    why must you toy with me Tarina?! I want to see product photos! She definitely always delivers the WOW factor with packaging!


  • 9/22/11 22:52 neutralgirl:

    i think she should have had the girl in the promo image be a blonde…like the disney princess Aurora. But other than that it looks beautiful.


    • 9/23/11 20:43 Brittany:

      i was thinking the same thing! the packaging is gorgeous tho!


  • 9/26/11 13:49 Ruthless:

    I want to see the shadows. The other palettes that came out are a total skip for me but I want to see this one…


  • 10/2/11 14:01 Melody:

    OMG that palette design! It’s so ethereal and pretty. I hope the colors are true to the collex name.


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