Tarina Tarantino Beauty Jewel Shadow Palette Lovely

Here’s one of the new Tarina Tarantino Beauty Jewel Shadow Palettes that will be releasing in October at Sephora and Sephora.com

This shade selection is called Lovely and features nice shadows for a traditional smokey eye.

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  • 9/15/11 23:15 Sara:



  • 9/15/11 23:19 Taylor:

    Looks boring and bleh to me. Def. won’t be buying. I have tons of those colors. No need for more.


  • 9/16/11 0:22 tiny:

    Yeah, I have tons of neutral shimmery palettes.. I usually love TT’s stuff because most of it I’ve ever seen was like BAM! COLOR! HELLO!!! This is.. meh, yawn, been there. :(


  • 9/16/11 10:18 kiwikiwidragon:

    I actually really like this as opposed to her last offerings. Seems more sophisticated than her last collection form Sephora. Pink has never been my thing so her pink packaging never totally appealed to me. This has me wanting to see the rest of the collection.


  • 9/16/11 13:13 Kiki:

    I actually got to try out the Lovely palette when Tarina was doing an appearance at Sephora for Fashion Night Out. Pretty dang amazing! One of the sephora mua’s used this to do a smoky eye on me (which freaked me out at first, because I’m blonde and very fair skinned and smoky is usually scarey on me – grays always look blue on me, anyone else experience that?!) Wrong! It was AH-MAZING! The best part of it was that everything she used on me came out of the palette (no extras to buy) Worst part? My local sephora (south jersey) isn’t stocking the new launch yet. Boo!


    • 9/16/11 14:43 the Muse:

      yay kiki! I haven’t tried yet but so excited to hear it….they won’t be officially out until October from what I understand so don’t worry your Sephora will get ’em ;-D


  • 9/19/11 14:59 Tiffany:

    Love! This will be helpful for me to use on my clients that are constently asking for a “Dark smokey eye” , i’ll be able to give the people what they want! yahoo!!!


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