Tarte Shining Stars Best Sellers Collection

So who was crazy enough to order a Kindle Fire this morning?

I’m on the verge.

I need to step back from that ledge. I already own an iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and Color Nook do I really need a Fire too? Ugh, I’m saying yes?! Am I giving you a contact high?

I also need Tarte Shining Stars Best Sellers Collection to go along with my new Fire. Makeup and books, I could live off of that combo!


The Tarte Shining Stars Best Sellers Collection is $29 and available as part of the Tarte Holiday 2011 Collection. It features fur deluxe size products and one full size Tarte EmphasEYES Clay Liner.

You get:

  • Tarte EmphasEYES Waterproof Clay Liner in Black
  • Tarte Deluxe Mini Cheek Stain in Flush (sheer berry)
  • Tarte Deluxe Mini Lights, Camera, Lashes! Clinically-Proven Natural Mascara in Black
  • Tarte Dluxe Mini LipSurgence™ Natural Lip Tint in Enchanted (rose)

Available now at Sephora.com

  • 9/28/11 11:58 Rachel:

    I have an iPad, so the I managed to avoid the fire. But, I did grab a replacement for me much lived kindle 2.


    • 9/28/11 12:02 the Muse:

      rachel I’m tempted…I have an ipad as well but I find it bulky for reading which is why I prefer kindle or nook…damn I wish I could avoid the fire but my hand is just on submit now ;-D!


      • 9/28/11 12:04 Rachel:

        Exactly. Also for long trips it’s nice to read without worrying about battery power. New one is 2 months, my current one is 2 weeks.


        • 9/28/11 12:10 the Muse:

          I felt bad b/c my color nook wasn’t even a year old lol…so wait your current kindle is 2 months and you just ordered one recently? I’m feel better and better about fire. I agree. Battery powder def a problem as well plus reading in bed, like I said, so bulky on the ipad :-/ and books are a little more expensive from Apple. I simply use the Amazon or BN ap to read books on my ipad rather than buy from Apple.


          • 9/28/11 12:14 Rachel:

            Hah, no. I have a kindle 2 which is around 18 months or more old. I have an iPad which is about 6 weeks old. So I only feel a little splurgy for the kindle but I kind of feel like the update puts it on par with my iPad and makes sense considering work is really going to gere up in a few weeks and good mobile options are very important.

          • 9/28/11 12:16 the Muse:

            ahhhhhhh I got you! ;-D Plus it’s not a TON of cash to drop. Even the Fire is very reasonably priced…that’s my argument LOL

  • 9/28/11 12:23 Tammie:

    I dunno if I need the Kindle Fire, I am quite pleased with my plain ole’ Kindle and my iPhone. But then again I don’t travel much and it’d be hard to play with a gadget because my son will want to grab it :). I already have to hide my iPhone, and he has his OWN iPad…he just loves gadgets. So anyway, my point is that if I have to hide it I am not sure it’s worth the splurge…I am lucky enough he finds my Kindle boring despite it’s buttons.


    • 9/28/11 12:32 the Muse:

      aw man thankfully no kids here Tammie! I’m high maintenance nerd that hates fingerprints on anything lol!


      • 9/28/11 12:35 Tammie:

        I hate fingerprints too haha, that’s why he has his own iPad! Well that and I feel my iPhone is good enough. But yeah that’s why I hide my iPhone because if he uses it it gets all sorts of gross!!


        • 9/29/11 13:34 the Muse:

          omg yes ;-D drives me batty! ;-D I’m a clean-a-holic!


  • 9/28/11 12:26 Tammie:

    Oh, PS. I am quite interested in the Tarte thing though! Unsure about the eyeliner (I am just awful at applying it) but I love the mini cheek stain and lipsurgence, we’ll see though, $29 still seems a teeny bit steep to me.


  • 9/28/11 12:28 Cj:

    My inner geek is jelous! All I got is an iPhone lol, I keep deciding against getting an iPad for some reason or another. Maybe I’ll get the next one 😛 I can’t believe Amazon priced the fire so cheap! But apparently it doesn’t have access the android market, which is really lame. I’m waiting for the new iPhone lol xD Apples announcing it October 4th!


    • 9/28/11 12:33 the Muse:

      I don’t mind, Android market is absolute shiz as far as I am concerned ;-D! no offense android users.


      • 9/28/11 12:35 Cj:

        Lol! I’m hoping with all these new cheaper tablets out now, it’ll force apple to make the iPad cheaper 😛 oh oh! Or maybe a 7″ version :O


        • 9/28/11 12:41 the Muse:

          I think that’s the game plan ;-D if Amazon does a larger version of their tablet with a few other features at a lower cost come the next quarter, apple will definitely have to lower their price to compete! BN has a new nook launching shortly as well


  • 9/28/11 13:04 Sana khan:

    It’s probably a silly question but does The eye liner brush come with this pack?


    • 9/28/11 13:08 the Muse:

      no sorry sana no brush is included.


  • 9/28/11 13:56 kiwikiwidragon:

    i would love to try the lippie, but I do not, i repeat, so not need any more lights, camera, lashes….
    I have enough of that through various packs and things to start a small army. Plus i have no love for it, it smudges badly on me. The eyeliner is ok, but the mini stain and lippie have me thinking about it, but only thinking, nothing to serious! LOL!


  • 9/28/11 15:43 Victoria:

    This is a nice set, but overpriced for what you get, IMO. I LOVE the lipsurgence in Enchanted. Lovely color. The cheek stain is really nice as well. The only thing I’m unsure about is the eyeliner. Not a big liner person, but of course I’ll give it a fair chance! lol


  • 9/29/11 6:43 kharanya:

    Honestly, I think the pot liner sucks. I got mine in another kit and it totally dried up within a month,so that was a complete waste for me. However, their automatic pencil liners are awesome. I use a brush to apply mine since its so very soft and intense. I’m just way too heavy handed using the pencil directly on my eyelid.


  • 12/1/11 18:55 Elise:

    Review and swatches possible? Pretty please? :)


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