Tarte Treat Me Right Maracuja Hydrating Lip Oil Collection

Josie has taking to injecting Argan Oil into all her cosmetics…

Tarte…they’ll be infusing their cosmetics with Maracuja Oil now!

Tarte Treat Me Right Maracuja Hydrating Lip Oil Collection is a selection of four shimmering shades of lipgloss infused with Tarte’s new maracuja oil which is rich in nutrients and essential fatty acids to help lips appear refreshed and noticeably fuller.

This set includes:

  • Shimmering Pink, a sheer pink
  • Shimmering Berry, a sheer berry
  • Shimmering Nectar, a sheer peach
  • Shimmering Red

They had me at lip oil…sounds positively moisturizing…

I wants!

Available now at QVC.com

  • 9/29/11 17:14 diane:

    Get on waitlist NOW….duringg presentation yesterday maureen saidits the only time ever they willl be available bc they cost soo much to make. The presentation looked AWESOME..I think she said there are six different oils in them!!


  • 9/29/11 18:16 Regina:

    Yummmers…lip oil sounds fantastic! But I’m sure they’re all the same “color” as they’re sheer, except for the red :(


  • 9/29/11 20:41 Comrade Garlic:

    I just bought a pack of Aquafina lip balms last night that had a lip oil in them. It fixed my super chapped lips overnight. Can’t wait to try a nicer version.


  • 9/30/11 12:01 Majick:

    WOuldn’t it be lovely if Tarte threw a sample our way in one of the Maracuja TSVs?


  • 9/30/11 12:47 stef:

    The sounds LIP OIL had me salivating too…and I watched the presentation on QVC and they looked amazing! But they are sold out and Maureen said they will be no more ever ever ever again :(


  • 9/30/11 14:35 diane:

    maureen mentioned something on air presentation that the ones on waitlist now currently on qvc are the only batch tarte is making bc they are oh so expensive to make? i hope she reconsiders!! they looked great during the presentation. she said theres like 6 oils or something in them. color + moisturization. also at the qvc fashion night out,the girls with tarte let me sample a soon to be released maracuja lip scrub- it was minty and my lips was soo soft! i love maracuja oil!


    • 10/4/11 9:28 the Muse:

      ugh don’t tell me that now I feel bad I missed out


      • 10/4/11 15:33 diane:

        i am donating you one my friend..i haven’t touched shimmering nectar yet, it’s yours when we hang out!.they really are beyond fantastic and you need to have one of them =D my lips are so silky smooth and yummy! color pretty too.


        • 10/6/11 11:43 the Muse:

          aw SHUCKS thanks d ;-D you’re lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shall return the favor when I see you ;-D gift-y bag time!


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