Technical Difficulties

Sorry, having one of those days on Musings today. Apologies. I recently moved boxes but it hasn’t really helped the problem. I’m running into too many processes at one time which is causing the server to crash. The mystery is what the processes are…plugins? Reader load?

Total mystery…

If you’re getting Bad Gateway errors, I’m really super sorry, just check back as I’m working on the issue for sure!

In other news lurve killed the Cybermen….maybe that’s what’s killing my server? Shrug…maybe the Moff is getting as sentimental as RTD.

Hope you all had a fab weekend and are enjoying all the new drugstore coverage today!

  • 9/26/11 14:57 Ruth:

    Stormaggeddon-Dark Lord of All! His cute lil baby cooing helped defeat the big bad Cyber bullies


    • 9/26/11 15:00 the Muse:

      LOL Ruth LMAO! Stormy kills dem cybermen with da power of lurve! power of lurve it’s a curious thing, make a one man weep make another man sing…that’s da power of lurve!


  • 9/26/11 15:55 Harsh Agrawal:

    Ahh…Server issues…It happens….!! Here is a quick tip:
    Try to revert back to default WordPress theme and see if you still getting such issues…!! most of time server issue is with plugins and Themes…Recently I moved my blog to shared hosting from VPS after server meltdown…Made tons of changes in the theme and removed many plugins..and that solved my issue… :)


    • 9/26/11 16:05 the Muse:

      Hey Harsh! I was thinking I need to do that as it might be a problem with the custom theme for sure! I disabled a TON of plugins, washed out many of the older plugins I already had…they still haven’t tracked the issue on DH’s side. It’s def NOT reader load even though they love blaming it on such. They keep up the processes but I still have a ton of processes running which they can’t be tracked down as they are sleeping processes…GRR! but I think I might take your suggestion as I have a sneaky little suspicion it’s something with the theme!

      I moved from VPS to dedicated…this is the 2nd move to a bigger box, it SHOULD be working by now :-/ but I’m having more issues with the better specs than I did with the smaller box, lower specs…!

      Hope I figure it out soon, driving me nuts! Less I come sobbing on your shoulder shortly.

      Love ya <3!


  • 9/26/11 18:01 Marina:

    Nearly spat out my drink at that graphic!


    • 9/26/11 18:44 the Muse:

      true know? lol way to go Moff! reduce the cybermen to nothing in the last 10 minutes of an eppy. Yay! thank you for ruining my geek childhood!


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