the Balm and the Beautiful Palette

the Balm and the Beautiful Palette will be launching soon but I don’t have exact details as of yet. If you’re feeling like the world is ending because you haven’t yet gotten your hands on the Balm Cast Your Shadow Palette aka the Muppet Palette you’ll be happy to know all the colors in that palette will be featured in the Balm and the Beautiful.

Check it!

Bjooti posted a photo of the palette today and here are name comparisons of the Balm Cast Your Shadow vs the Balm and the Beautiful that I nicked from Christine’s site.

  • Tres Moi = The Oil Tycoon
  • Wocka, Wocka = The Estranged Mom
  • Meep Meep = The Supermodel
  • Mahna-Mahna = The Bad Boy
  • Sensational = The Southern Bell
  • Inspirational = The Mother-In-Law
  • Celebrational = The Guy Who Died But Didn’t Really Die
  • Muppetational = The Mistress
  • Woman, Woman = The Step Brother
  • Curtain Call = The Coma Patient
  • Great Gonzo = The Police Man
  • Kissy, Kissy = The Brain Surgeon
  • Wild Child = The Neighbor
  • Lab Coat = The Stock Broker
  • Hiii-Yaaa! = The Basketcase
  • Swedish Pancakes = The Older Woman
  • Rainbow Connection = The Drama Queen
  • Le Diva = The Perfect Man
  • Electric Mayhem = The Evil Twin

I don’t have a release date yet but I’ll be sure to post when I have full details!

Which are you most wanting?

The Muppet Palette or the Balm and the Beautiful Palette?


  • 9/21/11 18:35 elizabeth:

    Just got this at TJMaxx! They had a bunch and I managed to find an unmolested one. I love the Muppets but decided I couldn’t beat $19.99 for this (plus I love theBalm’s regular packaging).


    • 9/22/11 9:21 the Muse:

      unmolested omg lol I <3 you elizabeth ;-D so true!


  • 9/21/11 19:03 Courtney:

    Just ordered my Muppet palette yesterday. So excited!!!!


  • 9/21/11 19:53 Kate:

    if you need this, i want it! so…do you? 😉


    • 9/22/11 9:20 the Muse:

      lol i feel like i need it kate so I don’t have to dig into my muppet palette for shame ;-D


  • 9/21/11 19:58 diane:

    these eyeshadow names are super cute!! i might pick it up so i can leave my muppet palette untouched..had it for weeks and haven’t been able to touch it yet lol


  • 9/21/11 20:33 Katelynn:

    Some TJ Maxx stores got the palette early for $18. I’m on my way to get one right now!


  • 9/21/11 22:04 Jamie:

    I got my mom one of these from TJ Maxx for $19.99…it’s adorable :) My favorite shadow name is The Guy Who Died But Didn’t Really Die…ha!


  • 9/22/11 9:14 kiwikiwidragon:

    I have voiced my disappointment already, no TB and TB for me, it was all about the Muppets….


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