the Balm Nude’Tude Palette

Another new palette from the Balm?

Damn straight, introducing the Balm Nude’Tude for those of us with a nude-ittude! Ha I crack myself up.


Bjooti posts today about this brand new palette. She’s in Europe so information on this palette for the US/NA market is not yet confirmed.

The new palette will feature 12 nude shades of eyeshadow.

the Balm is on fire this year!

Loves it.

Must own it!

Whatcha think?

  • 9/21/11 14:47 JenJ:



  • 9/21/11 14:49 Sarah S.:

    Choice anxiety… culling through all these options is going to take some serious will power and deliberation! This palette’s art just cracks me up… I bet if I show this one to the hubs he’ll remember to get me it for Xmas! 😉


  • 9/21/11 15:59 Cristi:

    Oooh~! The packaging is adorable!! ! I can’t for this to come out here….

    I’ve never tried any of their shadows, so I’ll need to swatch in person to find out if I’m allergic. I have the hardest time finding shadows that don’t irritate my sweet lil’ eyes…. *weeps*


  • 9/21/11 16:02 pilar:

    Hey Muse! Where can I buy The Palm products? I’ve been interested in a few palettes that you’ve posted about and I don’t know how to get my hands on them! HELP!!! :)


  • 9/21/11 16:20 Karyn:

    I don’t need this since I already have UD’s Naked palette right? Right?



    • 9/21/11 16:21 the Muse:

      wrong, wrong. ;-D


      • 9/21/11 16:27 Karyn:

        LOL. I wonder if it’s LE. I actually managed to score the Muppets palette back during the first set of pre-orders but I can’t bring myself to use it lol. These colros DO look a bit pinker then UD’s…Augh.


        • 9/21/11 16:39 the Muse:

          I hope not my holiday list is getting absurd ;-D! yes, make up reason why you should own it, good..LOL!


  • 9/21/11 17:05 Melinda:

    My matte palette from Too Faced just arrived today, this looks like it would have more color options, oh crap.


  • 9/21/11 17:14 Eve:

    Aw, I just want it for the package!


  • 9/21/11 18:26 Shari:

    OMG! WANT WANT WANT!!!!! I love TheBalm and I love palettes; it’s another match made in heaven!!!


  • 9/21/11 21:46 electronicfly:

    LOL! The printing’s so cheeky!


  • 9/21/11 21:54 BooBooNinja:

    This artwork and palette design is adorable!


  • 9/21/11 22:03 Jamie:

    I’m pretty obsessed with theBalm…which pretty much means I need this in my life 😀


  • 9/22/11 0:21 Michelle S.:

    I must have this! :)


  • 9/22/11 0:45 Ida:

    I’m totally lemming this!! I love theBalm products, especially my the Balm and the Beautiful palette!!


  • 9/22/11 2:20 Ashley:

    The theme, artwork, and shadow placement makes me LOL so hard XD
    Gotta has it… even if I has the Naked palette. *crazy*


  • 9/22/11 22:12 dina:

    this packaging is A++++! love it


  • 9/23/11 21:27 Marty Pauline:

    I am going on five nude pallets now. Argh DECISIONS DECISIONS!


  • 11/2/11 11:38 Laura:

    THeBalm just gave a way a bunch of these for free on Facebook – for people who (wow) dressed up their dog for halloween and posted a picture.

    There are actually two Nude-tude pallettes – Sweet And Sassy, both have the same shades but the colors are named something different.

    Hoping to see this at TJ Maxx soon – someone let us Muse-aholics know!


    • 11/2/11 15:47 the Muse:

      ah! I missed that! dressed as their dog? like a pug? hehe too much work for me lmao!


  • 11/16/11 12:57 Crazy4makup:

    Oh my God!!! It is soo pretty! I want it <3


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