Victoria’s Secret Gorgeous Eau De Parfum

‘ello gorgeous!

Victoria’s Secret Gorgeous Eau De Parfum is a brand new fragrance that has been added to the brand’s rather large line up of perfumes.

Let’s see how gorgeous it really is!

Victoria’s Secret Gorgeous Eau De Parfum a blend of strawberry, sheer jasmine and tempting sandalwood.

Sounds interesting…

I’m such an old school Love Spell girl but the rest of VS’s fragrances I seem to have grown out of like the Angels.

What about you?

Are you a VS fragrance girl?

Any favs?

Will you haul Gorgeous?

  • 9/20/11 12:47 Regina:

    I love their perfumes and will probably try this when/if it goes on sale


  • 9/20/11 13:29 irem:

    definetly Supermodel! It was amazing and my only perfume but it’s discontinued now :(


  • 9/20/11 20:51 SJG:

    I still like Vanilla Lace and a lot of the other scents. No it’s not “fine fragrance” but it’s fun and I still get compliments for smelling good :)


  • 10/25/11 21:01 sarah:

    i like their body splash in pure seduction. im going to try this


  • 11/7/11 4:05 Carol:

    I have this perfume and I like its smell… however, it doesn’t work anymore!!!! I have to press it more than TWENTY times to have a little drop of perfume! I really don’t know what is happening… but I wouldn’t buy this again.


  • 11/7/11 20:08 sarah:

    i actually ordered this and returned it i can barely smell it at all epic fail


  • 12/5/11 14:23 katrina:

    I bought the body spay & I LOVE IT! I couldn’t get the eau de to even spray in the store, they need a new bottle for the gorgeous perfume, one that actually sprays perfume on their customers. Total rip off, buy the body spray until the bottle changes. Its cheaper too & actually works :)


  • 8/2/12 2:52 Kara:

    Discontinued by now but I find this to be a disappointment. It doesn’t last and it doesn’t work all that well on my skin. I spritz it around the house as an air freshener because I don’t want it to go to waste.


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