Wet n Wild Holiday Magic Collection for Holiday 2011

The Wet n Wild Holiday Magic Collection for Holiday 2011 is a rather odd one…


This one is rather weird as it’s a really cool display that features the Wet n Wild Color Icon 8 Eyeshadow Palettes. It would be cool if they were new shades however they are simply the colors already released….

I thought it was odd but the good news is at least now the palettes aren’t available at Walmart and Walgreens only. You can find them at whichever of your local drugstores sells Wet n Wild cosmetics for a limited time.

Me, I’m a little disappointed and you’ll likely feel the same way if you already own the 8 Pans, the promo images just doesn’t match what they are selling here!

  • 9/26/11 11:34 Comrade Garlic:

    It’s like WnW spent all their time and effort improving the eyeshadow quality, and forgot about developing new colors. They got part one down. Now they need to work on part two. I think they only have 10 colors. They just keep recycling them. A bit like UD, only UD has more colors.


  • 9/26/11 12:45 Tammie:

    Weird! Oh well, I am just waiting for their Matte 8-pan palette anyway. I need more eyeshadow like I need a hole in my head lol.


  • 9/26/11 18:52 Fey:

    I’m kind of glad because I missed out on these. I’m wondering if they altered the formula at all on these…


    • 9/26/11 18:54 the Muse:

      nope, same thing that is in the standard catalog at all walgreens and walmrt locations fey :)


  • 9/26/11 18:58 CupK8:

    That does seem extremely odd, and very unlike WnW. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were other palettes that were/are “supposed” to go in them.. maybe… 😐


  • 9/26/11 19:25 Andrea:

    Muse,I think these 8 pan palettes are matte. I read it in another blog.


    • 9/26/11 19:27 the Muse:

      hey andrea I know about the matte palettes but sadly these weren’t it. def double checked them, same 8 pans I already have…:-/


  • 9/26/11 22:36 Tiffany:

    WAlgreens is pretty far from me , so im kinda happy that their are in all drugstores , now i can get petal pusher!


  • 9/27/11 1:14 Sarahjane:

    I am wondering since the display and the product SO don’t match if maybe the products themselves have not been released just yet and they’re just filling an empty display?


  • 9/27/11 8:22 JenJ:

    Booooooooo! Give us some new colors! *arms crossed*


  • 9/27/11 14:35 charlotte:

    this is so disappointing :/ I was so looking forward to awesome new palettes for the holidays. The only one I dont have is the Blue had me at hello… Has anyone gotten this palette is it worth buying if I aready have the other 2?


  • 9/28/11 20:02 Sarahjane:

    Charlotte, YES Blue Had Me At Hello is TOTALLY worth the money if you don’t already have it. It has some wonderful shades of blue all the way from pastel to black, as you can see. Hop on youtube and search for reviews or swatches (plus there are several MAC dupes!) for more opinions. =)


  • 9/28/11 22:36 Beauty and the Scientist:

    I hope someone made a mistake and sent out the wrong palettes to stores.


  • 9/30/11 23:36 Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex:

    I was really excited… until I saw that the colors are the same! :(


  • 10/19/11 20:09 dionne:

    i saw these today and i thought blue had me at hello was just placed in the wrong display by a customer. so weird. well . i saw the holiday collection and it looked very similar to last year’s except it was glittery / sparkly. i was so unimpressed


  • 11/3/11 0:26 Chocolatcovereddiva:

    Interesting… I saw this display in a Walgreen’s near me and quickly went from ultimate high to melt down. I saw Holiday Magic and my heart lit up. All I wanted was the I heart matte palette, I was actually upset for a minute because that display is playing with my emotions lol. Aside from the special collections, although one may find a few lingering, all Wet n Wild palettes are always available in all drug stores here so I thought the store was just trying to bring attention to palettes they already had by putting them in an old holiday display so they would get attention. Siiiigh I’m about to just give up my search.


    • 11/3/11 16:21 Tammie:

      The LE baked palettes and the matte 8-pan are on a “Beauty Bar” on the side of the end cap. Hope this helps.


  • 11/14/11 12:30 Ani_BEE:

    They also have this display at larger Loblaws store in Canada. I though it was weird too because they already carried the 8 pan palettes.


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